It is What it Is

Been struck by the number of cliches I am hearing at the moment, especially the title of this poem, so penned this littly ditty early this morning... Hope you like it!

It is What it Is…Some Well Worn Words


At the end of the day, when all’s said and done,

To be fair I must say there’s no smoking gun.

It is what it is, we have to move on,

Time passes or flies and the moment is gone.


Tell me about it, been there, I’ve done that,

I’ve worn the trousers, I’ve been the doormat.

Got the t shirt to prove it, so on and so forth,

Fell head over heels, my south was my north.


What doesn’t kill you will make you so strong.

You’re long time dead, so live… am I wrong?

Just go for it, grasp the nettle, man up

Step up to the plate and time to grow up.


You’ll come out of it stronger, or so they say

You’ll live to keep fighting some other day

Could be worse when you think, it ain’t all that bad

It goes without saying, but driving me mad.


No time like the present, time heals all scars

The light at the end of the tunnel’s not far

Fingers crossed you’ll find a glimmer of hope

They’ll hang if you only give ‘em enough rope.


Play them right and you’ll find you hold the trump card

Life’s too short, you don’t need to make it so hard.

You only live once so forgive and forget

A stranger’s a friend you just haven’t made yet.


All good things come to those who can wait

The past is ahead, we can make our own fate.

To thine self be true, so life always goes on

Love is the key to build life upon.



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Hannah Collins

Wed 1st Nov 2017 19:40

This is so clever and true too.
Step up to the plate - keep hearing that one.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 30th Oct 2017 08:05


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