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Philip Stevens

Thu 26th Oct 2017 19:07

Wow ! Unexpected analysis. But thank you so much for listening, i am quite literally over the moon.

yep anger in there for sure, not nearly as much umph as when i did preform beacuse i am wary of how it sounds when recorded on a phone.

Your feedback will stoke my thoughts, your feefback will create a reaction, that reaction, will be to write a poem ... with teeth, i hope.

Again thank you sir for taking the time to listen

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 26th Oct 2017 17:17

Hello Philip,

I have listened to all of your work on WoL, I'll be honest at first I didn't really get what you were doing. I think it was because the style is so foreign to my ear.

Having listened more openly I think I understand the musicality of what you are doing, maybe I was thinking I needed music to fill the gaps and keep the beat for me, but then realized I could do that for myself.

I like the fact that its quite nice to listen to something in a different way.

Not too many people post audio on here and I understand why, when we do we expose ourselves a little more and that isn't for everyone. I think for you to post these pieces is quite brave to be honest, because it is different (at least on here) and I think daring to be different deserves recognition.

Your poems/pieces often have underlying anger in them, the fact that your voice holds back on the anger and just speaks the words gives them more impact to my mind, I am prone to performing my anger (which doesn't always work) so I like what you do.

And yes, some of us should know better.

Cheers for now,


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