relish your dark woundings

prime your pellets

check your powders

for soon comes the hunters' moon


polish your stock

let your barrel breathe oil

make slick your cloths


practise footfalls of stealth


bayings of night creatures

the crack of flight

all this must abide

and you must hide your dreams for now


while fen and forest

sweat and furrow

while fur frets

in the burrow


for soon come the hunters' moon

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Tue 17th Oct 2017 22:30

Hi Philip, a lovely comment that means a lot, thanks !

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Philip Stevens

Tue 17th Oct 2017 20:38

Hunting down the words, the ferrel poet delivers another killer ensemble of script that bites and tears at the imagination...

To much, ? ok i like it ..

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Tue 10th Oct 2017 11:49

Thanks for stopping by Hannah, I appreciate your reading as I equally enjoy your work. Personally I try to avoid any destruction of living things - then again I am not vegetarian so there's a dilemma.

Thanks David; that line you mention I was pleased with . In browsing through gun magazines you get a flavour of this and the ritualistic process - nothing changes! I think there can usually be a back story that chimes if you open out the thoughts. The idea of an awareness of danger is itself compelling especially where creatures have advanced protection systems.
Thanks for liking Kevin!

Cheers and thank you all.


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 9th Oct 2017 08:27

Great stuff Ray,

I really like "While fur frets in the burrow"

I think there is so much going on in here, from the hunter and the hunted point of veiw.

I can very much relate to the first two verses and the almost worshipful treatment of instruments of the kill, this is a very real emotion which portrays a reliance on something for which survival is dependent, some men even give their weapons a name, their relationship becomes that complex (and possibly unhealthily distorted)

I realize your piece depicts the hunting of game, but it seems to be a very malleable metaphor.

The last verse relates the almost resigned inevitability of the prey, that come the "Hunters Moon" they will fall foul.

Really good, and a great reading.


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Hannah Collins

Sun 8th Oct 2017 21:16

I found this poem so moving.
I fear for the creatures because they know it all.
A great work.

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Sun 8th Oct 2017 19:07

Many thanks Patricia ; i'm always seeking for killer lines, i'm pleased you liked this !

Martin, i'm so pleased you liked this . I watched that full moon and it had a real presence to it! Thank you.

Thanks for liking Col.


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Martin Elder

Sun 8th Oct 2017 17:53

This is one of your best yet Ray. the whole poem is good but I love that
While fur frets in the burrow.
Nice one

patricia Hughes

Sat 7th Oct 2017 20:32

That first line just grabbed me by the throat.
Jealous I am,I am.

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