An Englishman's Home

An Englishman’s Home


Our life together has fashioned some melancholic times,

White lies and absurd secrets threatening our connubial bond.

Misfortunes have conspired to smash down our familial castle

Yet the walls and foundation laid beneath them remain strong.


And through the haze of shadowed memory and retrospect

Some little lights grow bright like welcome stars at night;

For despite the pain, the effort, the fears and the tears

Our castle is still standing tall and is majestic.


For our bastion is built not of stone or granite rock.

It is built of triumphant love and its many deeds.

Each brick is our support, our forgiveness and understanding,

The mortar is our love and tenderness combined.


The decorations on the walls are successes of our time;

Two daughters are the topmost spires that overlook.

The jokes we’ve shared and such sweet caresses

Are the horsemen and the guards.


We are safe within our castle and nothing can destroy

The walls we have created – you and I.

Our Kingdom will guard against all that life can throw

And we shall remain the defenders of our Realm.

SGK 2008


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