The depth of love

On the surface lies a smile,
A sparkle in one’s eye.
The feeling that in their company
Time just rushes by.

A little deeper and you’ll find
Butterflies a swarming
Concentration disappears
But thoughts of them are warming

Deeper still into one’s bones
A yearning and an ache,
A drug-like dependency
One simply can’t forsake.

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If dolphins could talk

What would they say?

What would they say

About the "games" that men play?

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An Englishman's Home

An Englishman’s Home


Our life together has fashioned some melancholic times,

White lies and absurd secrets threatening our connubial bond.

Misfortunes have conspired to smash down our familial castle

Yet the walls and foundation laid beneath them remain strong.


And through the haze of shadowed memory and retrospect

Some little lights grow bright like welcome stars at ni...

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It all depends on Something

It All Depends On Something


It all depends on something,

On that you can depend.

Things start at the beginning,

And they finish at the end.


You don’t know until you know,

How anything will conclude.

So don’t try to jump the gun

To find answers that elude.


Take one hour at a time

And each troubled day by day.

Cross each bridge only when

The river’s...

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