posing like an undertaker

Larkin gazes into his lens

with a distant look

past the obvious


a self - timed study

in black and white

        a selfie

(he would have hated that word,

too sweet, narcissistic

for such a considered moment).


and we see the puritan look

curiously drawn to death's impediment

side - lit through lace

and sense that poetry lurks close behind.




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Tue 24th Oct 2017 10:29

Blimey I missed your comments Col and Hannah, sorry. Col, I feel Larkin is a strange one , but he props up the floor of St. Pauls so owzat!

Thanks Hannah glad you liked this one. He may have been just an eentsy weentsy bit narcissistic, I wonder?


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Hannah Collins

Wed 18th Oct 2017 20:50

A great poem Ray.
I love the work of Philip Larkin.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 18th Oct 2017 19:43

I think Larkin was very good at being Larkin - a bit like Clarkson.

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Wed 18th Oct 2017 19:32

I get a warm glow when that happens David. Makes me think of greater things. Cheers!

Thanks Greg; I enjoyed trying to capture that mournful look in a poem - the advantage is I don't have to be as good as Larkin ! As you once said, just aim for that quality - and also I love monochrome photography.


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Greg Freeman

Wed 18th Oct 2017 09:38

Enjoyed hearing this at Write Out Loud Woking on Monday night, Ray. You've caught something there. As someone who remains fascinated by Larkin, despite everything, like many others, I've seen the film, got the book.

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 17th Oct 2017 23:13

Synchronicity indeed, must be the lunar cycle.

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