Hashtag Arrogance



to emphasise my endless

slapstick politics.


What Constitution?

I have to read all of it?!

Tangerine screaming.


Chattering unchained:

No such thing as climate change!!

No such thing as proof?


Meanwhile, peace deals fall,

fundamental laws ignored;

the world stands aghast.


Yates sacked. Spicer sacked.

Bannon, Flynn and Comey sacked.

This is going well.


I repeat myself

many many times. Many.

Guess what? You know why?


My IQ is high!

Why was there a civil war?

Very, VERY high.


I'm beyond satire

and explicitly absurd.

Are you all scared yet?


Exclamation marks.

You can never have enough.

Mexico will pay!!!!!!



Network news is partisan!!!

(Fox news is okay).


Even Kim Jong Un                                                                          

thinks you're mentally deranged.

Huffing orange twat.                                                                                          


Hashtag Arrogance.

Where have all the snipers gone?

It's Time To Get Tough.


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Big Sal

Sat 9th Dec 2017 02:58

Fuck Trump. Great poem.

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Hannah Collins

Wed 22nd Nov 2017 21:41

Those crazy leaders.

Still love your 'Dear Margaret'.
Found it on YouTube.
Great piece, one to remember.


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Laura Taylor

Tue 31st Oct 2017 10:23

Haha David - I'd not seen that. Fantastic!! 😀 Thanks for posting it.

Ferris - I was never convinced enough of his 'irony'. I thought he had misogynistic tendencies. I loathed his routines about reading and the waitress, Goatboy (thinly veiled paedophilic comments), Jimi Hendrix raping Debbie Gibson etc. There was way too much of that kind of stuff in amongst what I thought could be great commentary.

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 31st Oct 2017 00:02

Hey Laura, here's some hate for you.

Much love...


David X

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suki spangles

Fri 27th Oct 2017 16:52

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your reply.

No, apart from TTIP, I doubt I could defend him on anything else at all. I wouldn't want to. It's been a long first year, and we have three more to go..


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Laura Taylor

Fri 27th Oct 2017 16:14

Hi Suki

Not bad thanks for asking.

For someone who is not a fan of Trump, your post does come across as a defence of the fool. No point talking about HC now is there? And also, this isn't about her, it's about him. Sorry to state the bleedin' obvious but I didn't think I'd have to. Lots of lines and phrases in here are taken straight from the idiot's mouth. I've just put them into this order.

I think he's the worst one so far tbh. And there's some ripe ones to compare him with!!

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suki spangles

Fri 27th Oct 2017 15:19

Hi Laura,

First thing, most importantly, I hope you are keeping well.

Let's remember, presidents aren't elected, they're chosen. Sorry if I sound cynical.

I'm no fan of Trump, but Hillary, unlike Trump, supported the Invasion of Iraq, and was a significant player in the invasion of Libya, bombed that country into the Stone Age and left at least 300,000 dead. Bernie Sanders should have been the Democratic candidate, but it wasn't to be, because of the shenanigans of Hitlery's criminal fraternity at the DNC.

One thing I will say in Trump's defence: he didn't sign TAFTA/NAFTA - an economic agreement that would have provided corporations the legal instruments to sue elected governments. Hillary would have signed that, I imagine.

Trump could well end up also being a war-monger too. Let's see what his puppet masters tell him.

All mainstream media is fake isn't it? Some prefer CNN, others Fox, others BBC.They are all full of it. I for one am not falling for the bait-and-switch: Bush, Obama, and probably Trump will all leave behind similar legacies, and plenty of carnage. I hope I'm wrong.

Take care,

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Laura Taylor

Fri 27th Oct 2017 14:31

Thanks David

Yeh I know what you mean about him being too easy a target, but I feel we have to document it for a later date, cos people just wouldn't believe how bad he actually was otherwise! Absolutely - he does require ridicule. I am beyond astonished that people actually support him, despite everything that he's said and done. My eyebrows now live on the back of my neck because of him.

I have to genuinely force myself to watch him speak on the telly, grinding my teeth, he winds me up that much. There were another 5 haiku to this but I cut them out - could rant all bloody day!

Hehe. Yeh but what a party it would be on that day eh? 😉

Glad it made you laugh 😃

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 27th Oct 2017 12:57

Very funny Laura,

it is difficult to disguise venom for this fool, and frankly why should we?

The man is anti-human. I laughed all the way through this, some would say writing about Trump is too easy to do, that is a dangerous idea because it stops some people doing so, sod it the idiot requires ridicule, write on write on I say.

It is true though that ridicule poured upon him only seems to fortify him and his supporters, he seems immovable at this point.

Your line about snipers is one repeated by many I would imagine, certainly in my less stable days I was keen to visit the dark angel upon certain of our leaders, thankfully I have regained my equilibrium in recent years. As much as the world might seem better off without the Don, just imagine if he was assassinated, I fear the US might tear itself apart in the fallout, then what of the rest of us, scary.

So I guess the best we can hope for is that he expires mid-tweet one of these early mornings, we live in hope.

Thanks for putting a smile on my face.


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Laura Taylor

Fri 27th Oct 2017 12:46

Hahaaa - I know, poetry just runs right through me Philip 😉 I won't say like what 😀

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Philip Stevens

Fri 27th Oct 2017 12:28

HUFFING ORANGE TWAT.. now thats poetic...its just a shame that a Autumn and summer colour/color like orange is being associated with you know who... huffing twat or TWAT is descriptive enough

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