Don't ever fear as technology sings

But beware Cronus on the wing














Artificial intelligence won't become conscious by itself...though it maybe donned by Cthulhu!

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Song for the Old Year

Redemption comes at such a cost
 Freezing winds off the Irish sea
 Blow me away from hearth and home
 At such a cost , loss pressing upon loss –
 Yet still the winter-birds sing,
 Seemingly so carelessly,
 And yet we know it costs them their whole life
 To fly this way and sing and eat and build and build
 Yet still this merely human, this body framed of earth,
 Cannot scrape away the cur...

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year
happy New Year
Family and friends
raise a glass and cheer

Some wish for peace
some wish for health
Some wish for joy
some wish for wealth 

Some wish for luck 
some wish for love
Some may wish for
all the above 

Whatever your wish
I hope it comes true  
This is my New Year wish 
for all of you

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By Day Sun Pins You Down


It's by night you must rush
into your truelove's arms.
Unmoored souls will drift afar
easy as mindless clouds.
Could it be the moon's guile,
in rivalry with the sun,
stealing them away?
Some swear the night itself
dissolves neglected souls,
leaves no trace at all.
Love calls on the unwary:
do not be lured away, maddened,
forever lost in wilderness shade.
There's whisper of mania,

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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Now we have finished 2022,
What did it mean for me and you?
Had it been for you a lovely year?
Or was it full of dread and fear?

In 2023 do you feel you'll cope?
And shall it contain joy and hope?
Will it contain great determination?
Will it bring unhappiness or elation?

Is it a year for special missions?
And one to plan new ambitions?
Shall it be a year full of belief?
And from you...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Enthusiasm |

Stuart Vanner2023New year

It Fits

It fits.
It just simply does.

My arm fits behind your head,
as we lie on the bed, in the glow.

Your head on my shoulder,
comfortable and light.

It fits.
It just does.

Staring at the ceiling;
at the cobweb on the fan.

Nobody cares. There are no thoughts,
just reverie, and peace. Just to be.

It fits.
It just fits.

This life with you,
and who we are.

This growth togeth...

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Also by Chris Bunton:

In My Life Time | Justice | Adam |


Dear Friend, So Much Grace

Oh my dear friend

how I wish you were still here

to grace this planet.

Your most fervent desire

was to be in union

with the Divine,

maybe that's why

your sweet soul

flew away so soon.

You embodied so much light, 

your kind words and compassionate sentiments,

your music & poetry

& invitations to stroll,

you were earnest in all endeavors.

Your friendship was...

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New Year's Eve Haiku

Facing the new year
you look at the old year
mourning it's passing. 

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Also by Andy N:

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This is the Body I Love (a year of terror 2022)

This is the body I love

And I can change it


You take food from it

Let it shiver in winter

Make it wait 9 hours in an ambulance

As it withers away


This is the body I love

But you have changed it


It waits in a

bomb shelter

and screams

don’t kill me


It gasps for breath

In a frozen sea

Please don’t

Drown me


This is the...

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Also by David R Mellor:

Terry Hall |


The Ice was broken

The Ice was broken


A glance of recognition ignited us

as strangers in an uncomfortable silence

Aware of where we were, and almost alone

as empty tables surrounded us


Sounds from the kitchen in the background

with a waiter who hovered in boredom

We glanced once more, only furtively

as we took in each other's presence


I became increasingly concious of his pr...

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Also by keith jeffries:

The Writer writes on | The Poet | Wisdom | All will be well | Austerity Returns |


Carpenters working by the beach,
Setting sail,
The wind tips the wide hat over,
The metal of the beam,
The wooden ladled deck,
Partition a wave just before ten,

Crowds did gather,
Another night,
And in the distance it took flight,
The shadows of the foul,
Monitor the gas light beaming,
It's a comfort to sit by and not sin.

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Also by Alita Moore:

The prescience of death | Kneeled before god |

Let's Celebrate NEW YEAR Fest...

On the New Year brew,
I reckon what it'll retrieve?

To my melanolucus mind,
Which anticipating dance in  rainbow-twined.

The New Year changeth old order
With garnished gold border.
The border shines with aspirated hopes,
Passion of heart into its throbes.

The New Year reveals multicoloured flowers
Where fragrance welcomes in each bower.

Hark! You beholder!

Don't blindly into t...

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Icelandic poem: said in the voice of Bjork

Thar hiz a fing in ma fridge
Tha dear not spike its naym
Han so I hav called hit midge
I fink it com from Spayn

Hit ides beheynd da Milk
And laffs wen the dor clouses
He as a chin lak Acker Bilk
An does has e' suppozez

Once he ate all me lard an gin
Han had folks there far owez
E' even ad mor drinks sent in
An spent me dosh on flowez

◄ Icelandic poem 2 In the voice of Bjork


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Also by Tommy Carroll:

American Suffarage - or - Gallows Music |


Oh, I won't be silent & I won't let go

I will hold on tighter 'til the afterglow - Ed Sheeran


I remember when summer

Kissed my walking skin warm

Now it seems eternity claims

My body breath spirit brain


In the silence of tonight

I will myself to stand upright

Startled slip then almost fall

Into the gravity of it all


Angels on the archipelago

Devils in...

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australian poetryEd SheeranSpoken word

No title yet

Moon-wise and heavy under the sea 

Living down those lost depths 

Sure footed, even marked for death 

Terrible wind that befell you 

Agony that you not once mention

Love in a pathless wood 

The sea-house you search for

Paucity of words but not without melody 

Not without fire and delirium to passion 

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Also by Mirabel:

Morena in the night | The mother of nine | ríonmháthair [queen mother] | Hellia |

Not 'If' But 'When.'

Not ‘If’ but, ‘When.’




When their anger is raging,

     when you sense reason cannot defend

          blatant acts of the social engineering of pressure,


When you know but are made weak, disabled in body

     and spirit,

          and the split sees your children wonder if you ever cared,


While standing shakily as all avenues of help are closed,


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The pocket book with its red cloth cover

well thumbed by a neighbour's hands

offered self improvement of a spiritual nature

via prayer and procedure, hymns,

holy etiquette in a cruel world. 

If proof of this condition was needed it was evident

from its cursory disposal in a skip

by her grandson after her husband had died. 

Inside the cover in enthusiastic biro script was:


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Also by ray pool:


The wind in the dark

I go to my room for an afternoon nap,

leave the curtains open

to watch the last of the day.


Thirty minutes later the lights

of the stone cottages are on. 

The wind along Longframlington's 


ridge is blowing hard, which 

gives me comfort, wrapped in warmth

inside, even when it howls a little. 


Sometimes it's a sea battle, 

guns thundering. A mile or two


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Also by Greg Freeman:

Watching England with Carol Ann Duffy |


(Catherine the Great’s statue is removed from its place in Odesa following an on-line poll)


To pacify our much-bombarded town,

Catherine’s statue has been taken down:

A nod to the invader’s former might,

Now banished from the population’s sight.

Some will object – ‘let history remain’,

But others think of violence and pain,

With all that this construction represents,


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Mary Jane.

Bitter woman wrapped in black lace 
You don’t know how to feel anymore
Crying only when you hear Petty sing
Is your heart so broken that you forgot how to breathe?

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The difference between myself and me.

Living life or standing still 

my vices are in the middle of what i’m doing and my potential 

logically I am perfect 

my actions yield the difference. 

And in between wright from wrong 

Lies the difference between myself and me

The recipe to disaster that complacency tends to weave

Knowing where you want to be is the torcher to those not driven 

The future is birthed by the...

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Also by Chelsea Crossman:

High tide |

A New Year Rant

A new year, a new start?

Don’t make me laugh 

Nobody gives a fart 

Whether it’s old or new

The year just flew

Stuck in your ways

Over endless days

That all seemed the same

Mainly tears and pain

And the fact remains

That it never seems to end

On whom can we depend?

Oh, and what’s a ‘real friend’?

Cos when the chips are down

And you look all around


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No. 10 - A Villanelle for Pele

I’m old enough that I have seen him live upon our telly

Though not in ‘58 or ‘62

A number 10 in blue and gold whose name we knew as Pele.


His grace suggested poetry of Byron, Keats or Shelley

A ballet dancer cast in gold and blue

(I learned this from the magazines and not from our old telly).


The players in opposing teams had legs that looked like jelly

”Go left? Go ...

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Also by John Coopey:



Love has no definition and no meaning 

If you try defining or finding meaning 

You will destroy it's very essence

Stop defining and finding meaning 

Instead let the LOVE flow  

A meaningless love full of meaning 

A definition free love with definitions   


Love is an emotion, it's a feeling 

The moment you try to give it words 

It loses it's intensity 

To experien...

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A day on the frontline

Oh what a day on the front line 

Mental illness running wild 

So many down 

So much rage from such a small man 

So much pain for such a big man 

Am not God but some Devine inspiration will help 

Theirs only so much intelligence can do 

I do believe love is the cure 

But when the day us over wheres the love for these loving hands 

Who cares for the carer 

Who's cares t...

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Also by Keith Byrne:

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Moon Walk

We walked together around the moon

hoping we would see our friends

everywhere passing the time.


"Will they be here, do you think?"

“I’m sure of it. They’ve had forever

and a day to jump over it.”

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Scrapbooks | Dear Santa |


Birds…… Birds…. Birds……

Keep chirping, keep chirping to make morning  air fresh

Keep inhaling purging purging soul off imperfects

Keep swaying keep swaying to make clocks tick

Gyrating  to the call of nature with innocence

Make the heart  beat faster and faster

Stir the souls with flutter of wings

Make currents and tides dance and roll in the form of a mermaid

Keep the spir...

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Writing is a skill I long to learn

Writing is a skill I long to learn

To improve my English what I yearn

Please do correct me if I'm wrong:

A better rhythm to be strong! 

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Objectification Anyone: for Uilleam O Ceallaigh

There lies the body of one I loved,

weathering the dust of the meaninglessness.

And I do not mourn the face

or the body. I miss

the way she rolled her eyes

when I shamelessly lost an argument;

or her crescendo of anger

at my mistakes. I was not good enough

for her outrage. But her happiness

filled me with such abandoned joy.

And I will die regretting myself.

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Also by Matt Foster:

The Measure of a Man in the 21st Century | Christmas Tree |

What I would’ve said.

I vow to spend the rest of my days for the rest of my life loving you. 

 to know that home is always in your heart and within your arms, I’ll love you so deeply with passion that it takes your breath away until the end of my time. 

I vow to always agree to disagree on dessert first before every meal we share together . If I ever feel uneasy or unsure through the challenges that may occur I’l...

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Queues, queues, queues

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

But for who?

Those who can’t pay for gas and electric

It’s the same old tired songs that pour out

Of every outlet

Every café bar

In every town

Where shop staff in red and green

Looking like shelf stacking zombies

Try to ignore the fight for carrots in aisle 5

And the guy that’s at the back gate

As queues form at checkout...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Wise guys |

Where Have All The People Gone?

Another December, 
Another end of the road 
As I look around and wonder, 
Where have all the people gone? 

Tucked in tighter to their circle 
Under the guise of staying healthy, 
They bother not to dine out or congregate. 
O, where have all the people gone? 

In their pj’s working at home 
Two years on 
but have they been the wiser 
Or more isolated than society demanded?

It began...

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Walking Backwards

We don't walk backwards

Except through time

The future is a hill we climb


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dubito ergo sum

A Bucket and a Mop

Fractious minds

Suppressing effloresce

Words of rhyme

Life's syllabus

Etheric shell growns 

Looming spirits recognize

Definition forming on the plane

Where thoughts intent travel 

Sowing seeds of manifestation

Conscionious of spirit

 One with material

 Free of cognitive dissonance

Purpose is served

Glory shines through

Harmony of light purer

Conscious t...

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Also by New Shoes:

Spinning Our Wheels | The Harshness of Winter |

'Help' I pleaded

I remember those claws on my skin
scratching my flesh
they were treating me like a trash bin
I couldn't voice my screams
those iron rods through me
those bruises that buried me
beneath my own kin
I fought harder
But they had killed my laughter
I couldn't shake off the feeling
of those fingers on me
the wounds open and bleeding
I couldn't flee of those past memories
and flinch away of ...

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girl like me

a girl like me will meet a boy she loves and instead of loving them,

she will think only of the words she will use to describe them, 

when she writes a poem that night.

i am not ashamed of my soul that i bear whenever i open it.

a girl like me will write about every person she encounters,

and hope that for some reason they stumble upon it,

and spend the rest of their life wonderi...

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Also by Nadia Coia:

he doesn't text me anymore | first kiss | poets who raise me | she knows that she loves you, how can I tell you | weird girls and weird boys |

poemgirlhoodgirlpoetpoetrywritingproseshortstoryfeminismself lovewriter

Help !!!! Urgently needed for the homeless

"Life on the street is really tough,

It's Christmas 2022 and I'm sleeping rough.

At the end of the tunnel there is no hope or light,

My addiction is taking over, darkenning my plight.


My head is spinning all over the place,

Each night searching for a sleeping space.

Finally I rest my troubled heavy head,

On my uncomfortable  cardboard bed.


Last night couldn't get ...

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An Ingenue

"Been extolled by the cynicals

​​​​​​stolen with the soul -

at the edge of precipice

clamouring why the praise is sour"

"floats over the praise on

a sequin lake

yet her heart & soul drowned"

"achillies heel her deluded mind

atoning for being so kind

as she molded by the angels soul

devoured in the devils knoll "

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all

Who answer the poetry call! 😄

...and a happy new year!

All the best to everyone at WOL x

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

A Christmas Bauble | Woodchip |

Must We Be Merry at Christmas

We can't all be merry at Christmas

For some folk a smile just won't last

They bravely play on, into injury time

Dodging ghosts of Christmases past


Merry Christmas to all Write Out Louders, have the best of times you can.

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Also by Brenda Wells:

Trees in Winter | The Story Teller |


Appreciation is due to Pete Dymond of Bristol for his recording of my carol.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



Husband, father, brother, son.

Just for another day. 

Another day you'd see the sun, 

shining bright through clouds. 

Today the day was nice.

Only that you weren't there. 

Will be more such days, 

but you will never see the sky again. 

Now there is silent, suffocating heat. 

In the heart cold darkness lays.

As cold as metal shue shelf, 

which you were hanging from....

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A Needle Exchange

I met Jesus in a Needle Exchange above Greggs.

He was a bald bloke with an open face and bright T-shirt.

Ready to offer me free kit, no questions asked,

beyond my initials and date of birth.

It was the best welcome I’d had for a long while.

In fact, it was the welcome I’d been waiting for

since coming into the world.


I explained how I was there to learn,

and without a ...

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Eternal sway

Finding a friend in this land of delusions.
This task is quite a feat around each bend you'll be faced with illusions.
Discernment must be mastered but not by intellect. 
I'll always live from my heart, and the one with true love it will surely detect.
You must hear the message not just listen to the words.
Parables and riddles hidden language in the surge.
When you can dicifer the language ...

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An Ideal Home

They bought themselves the country house

    Of which they'd always dreamed,

A Tudor manor that in time

    Proved greater than it seemed,

For six years after moving in,

    Behind a hidden door,

They found another seven rooms

    They'd never seen before.

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You don't understand

that what you think I said

is not what I meant

what I meant to say

is not what I said

what I did say

was not what I meant

and now I have to say

that I forgotten what I  said

or what I meant

but what I did say

I said with good intent


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Also by Flyntland:


What is the point of a Poinsettia?

They rarely stay red for long

Holly in a pot would be better

And makes a superior Christmas song

but every year they appear in their glory

Doomed to an early demise

Every year a familiar story

Gone faster than a plate of mince pies

They come from the central American plain

Where it’s hot and it’s dusty and dry

Where you hardly ever get caught in the rain

And snow does...

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Christmas Poemshumourous poemshumorous verse

paradise is a beach ball floating on waves in silence

serving in a squash match of philosophy
set on the Garden Route forest court
on the East Coast
            i bounce my brain
off of the spekboom trees.
a treaty sealed in a binocular nod 
with two woodpeckers perched on a yellowwood.
              they lend me their wings & bird eyes
opening the dome sky window of flight above
                                                      the w...

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Also by Rob Cohen:

Meditations of a Mystic (Time is an Ocean Without a Shore) | Lucid Dreams of Jericho & Jenga |

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