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Uncalculated Coitus

You touch me with your cold hands that have touched too many.

Finally making me feel seen and desirable.

As I gaze intently into your eyes, I notice you are not searching to see my soul.

You are simply seeing the face and lips that lie before you.

I hold hunger to be in your world, you only hold hunger to be in my body.

Although when you hold me tight, everything seems to be alrigh...

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I Love Your Allure

I would never question your narrative— as it be, figuratively.

Cheers to another year: it’s ever clear — our glasses never get drunk.

(for all intents and purposes) spirited twin flames pour out libations to a personal god
No half truths with you.
I idolize your third eyes outlook on life...
Our inner visions - seen to fruition - showcase infinite possibilities
Granted we share the same ...

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Poetry Prompt: 'Forever is composed of nows'


Just the right amount of squeeze 

at my hip

of a lemon 

on the pasta we craft for each other

of the sponge he knows I don’t like to touch when wet.

A tongue, a croissant, a bottom smack, 

exactly when we wanted one

A well-timed tease, balletically treading that tightrope line 

from this now, to the next, to the next to the next please


Moments studded above our ...

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cohabitationconstellationcovid-19Dorsetemily dickinsonholidaysliving togetherlockdownlovelove poetryquarantineromanticstars

The melodic grass

This music,

it makes me want to fall from the water

float in the sky,

stare at those lips

and kiss those green eyes,

drink from the clouds

and jump on the pond

to feel the stars

and gaze at the stones,



the rythms , the notes

melt my mind

ignite my visible voice

I'm not here nor there

maybe inside a void


floating on the blues

maybe its a d...

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Your warmth has become my clarity

I wrap myself in it every night

and with it

I dream the sweetest dreams

and feel the softest relief of you beside me,

even while apart.

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Heavenly Bodies

August is a great month for star gazers!

Fully clothed

With naked eye

She gazes upwards

To a moonlit sky

A mighty presence

Swiftly felt

Orion appears

Only wearing 

A belt

She's waited here

Till an early morn 

For his shimmering touch

On a summer's dawn

The hunter haunts her

As Venus looks on

But when sun arises

Her lover is gone


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A storm of my own creation

A storm of my own creation, a beauty she is,  but don't come near cause I'm afraid. she is the best, strong and peaceful from a distance but a monster when threatened, she came to me with her clear watery eyes, hazel brown eyes with splinters of dark sprawn like a rough touch of a poets brush, be warned they are the main suspect of the source and energy that powers my storm, standing tall to the c...

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I hope you are the sun that

shines at the daint of the full moon

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Think of Me

Worst thing about New Year’s Eve,

being a romantic

but no one to love you the way you need

I’m holding back the urge to walk away

I’m holding onto responsibilities, 

accepting my fate


Oh, will you please think of me

when you’re kissing your lover

send your positive vibes,

your good thoughts,

your shout outs,

send me a love I’d not want to live without

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lonelyloveNew Years Everomantic

GW Park 9/15/19

I loved looking at him 

the way his eyes crinkled at the sight of the sun 

our white shoes getting messy in the sand 

The sound of the lake water hitting the shore line

 No communication just sounds of nature filling our ears 

She loved him more than she could fathom 

But he was too busy to notice 

So she took screenshots with her mind

to remember his face and the way she f...

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first loveromantic- for a friend

Talking to my Tummy

Butterflies escaped my belly button

Maybe it was that I was too cold to feel nervous

A race horse inside her looped track

For being cool and real comes easier than-

Smiling and faking my personality

Like so many have told me to be.

If everyday was an interaction with the same-

Artists or like minded,

My life would be a giant inspiration.

People like me,

It seems,


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Mother's Wings

My fluttering monarch wings aren’t a show of-


Rather a defect of being denied it,

Here again after I thought happiness found-


Your northeastern chill demeanor

An icicle that stabbed my heart and your weapon-


I’m still standing and like cupid with his arrow

I’m bleeding all of you.

I never said I wanted it to be easy hue

Of a dark blood red love.


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Lets talk and talk some more on your living room floor,

delibarating til' the clock hits four


Sweet tobacco scent,

your soul is up for rent


Our birthdays they fall in the same week,

I can feel the signs in the way you speak


I told you I'm crazy,

you told me you liked it


I knew you weren't lying. 

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The Knight's Stall

I had miles to go before I sleep
Endless bindings to break and keep;
Know a knight stops at nothing, but
Prairies and lakes for my horse to feed.


Through blizzards high and deserts dry
Rain that echoed of homesick cry,
I rode through them all
Yet, at the riverside I put up a stall.

On the edge of the river eternal,
You stood, evidence of the supernal,
Like a piece of star brig...

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loveromanticrobert frostKnight

Two Separated Stars

Two Separated Stars 
- Reinmari 

Sunlight clasps the earth 
Moonbeams kiss the sea
I've watched as the sun kills itself 
To let the moon breathe

I've always known the story
Of mountain, river and ocean.
Mountains mingle with the river
And rivers with the ocean

But as long as.. 

Pale stars still shine above
Falling leaves are still dancing
Cupid and Psyche are still inlove

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sad poetrylove poemssad poemsromantic

True Love never dies

Sometimes situations cause us to part
But none of that matter's if true is your heart 
No amount of distance can tear you apart
Whenever you next meet, again it will start
But one fortunate day you'll find one another once more
You'll welcome them in and they'll never make you sore
Because the love you both share is one most could only adore 
You cherish one another, to  one another's core.


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lovelove doesnt dieromanceromanticromantic distance loveTrue loveunconditional love

Obsessed With You

I'm addicted to, all the

Things you do. The way

You look at me, make me

Breathe. I can face this now,

With you I now know how.

Your words enlighten me,

Your eyes, they help me see,

I've never felt this free.


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addicted to youfreefreedomloveunconditional lovelusthappysafehopestrengthgroundedenlightenedpoetrylove poemsromanticromancelove poetry

Hopeless Romantic

I am a hopeless romantic. 

Hopeless but romantic. 

Is that a thing? 

Expressing love in such a hopeless way, that love looks like plain white walls surrounded by nothing but darkness. 

It’s a light at the end of a dark tunnel. 

A cigarette burning against black gravel. 

Candles burning in a dim lit church. 

That’s what love is like to me. 

I hope one day you can see it. 


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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #39 {Alone With My Unknowns}

{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #39} {Alone With My Unknowns} 



Face to face 



in the

shadows if

I hold on

to you 

I might 

not be so 

lost into it 

can't we create

enough light to 

force it to retreat

but you are a 

part of it too 

the steady ocean

in your eyes 

frozen when I 

wasn't looking

`n` I lay her...

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His Eye's~His Everything

{His Eye's~His Everything}



His eyes are like getting lost into deep space nine with the glory of the heavens shining through them 

His word's was earth moving to her ? heart that she kept so hidden from everyone in deep space nine 

His voice was like the soft angel's singing out her name with touch of roughness to it which she founded to be intoxicating 

His hair was like sil...

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lifelove poemlove poetryloverOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoempoetryromanceromanticTina Glover



Youth once again

beats in my heart

With the mystery of you

The man of my dreams

comes to me in words

on a page

So sweet and tender


I surrender 

to you my sweet one

I will walk the path

of innocence once again

With you...

First kiss

flirting eyes

My breath

taken away

I would love to take

your words away

with my beauty

My silhoue...

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I had that dream again...

I had that dream again...

You and me dancing on some random beach.

 I felt your hands on my thighs,

moving me gently with your warm eyes.

You were looking at me like if it was the first time, 

the first time of holding me with your warm hands. 

I remember it clearly now.

My head was resting on your chest,

I know you were smelling my hair and

playing with it just like y...

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Love me this way, if you love me too

Often have seen you stuck
Amid being smart and schmuck
Here’s my answer to how should you?
Love me this way, if you love me too

Wake up with me at the dawn-break
Yawn, smile and kiss my forehead
Wish a good morning before I do
Love me this way, if you love me too

Avoiding me is a gross mistake
In a quick second, respond me back
At least twice a day, say “I miss you”
Love me this way...

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I'll jump over the moon for you

I'll give you a diamond ring

Those were the words that went thru my head

when you convinced me to lay with you in your bed


Were they lies

Were you the wolf

looking for your lamb


You are the one

was your song

let me inside


My heart was so empty

it cried for love

I allowed you to enter

my most treasured gift


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If this was a movie

if this was a movie,

you would chase me down the street

begging me to forgive you

we were standing in the rain

looking into each other eyes'

and my pain would be washed away by your sincere smile

if this was a movie...if only this was a movie...



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sky at night

Stars, moon, sky

the sound of cricket sing at night

All of these wouldn't matter without you by my side.


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What I'd Do For You

Give you a thousand roses and a thousand violins
A thousand manned choir to sing you a thousand hymns
Light up a thousand stars in the image of your face
Give me a thousand wishes and I'd wish most of the same
Nine hundred ninety-nine wishes, I'd wish for one more day
To spend with you, then change my wish when my last wish came
On the thousandth wish, I'd wish for a thousand more
Wishes, t...

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lovelove poemsromanceromantic

"I wish I could act cool about this " poem David R Mellor

I  wish I could act cool about this


Go back to when my temperature was just above zero

Without the thought of your kiss

Slip back into a cold case

No need to break the iceberg

But my body shifts to your embrace



I don’t wish to act cool about this

I want to race down platforms

Stumble over words

Let my mind trace over your body

look at you lost for words


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