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I'll jump over the moon for you

I'll give you a diamond ring

Those were the words that went thru my head

when you convinced me to lay with you in your bed


Were they lies

Were you the wolf

looking for your lamb


You are the one

was your song

let me inside


My heart was so empty

it cried for love

I allowed you to enter

my most treasured gift


Now I was yours

to do with as you wish


Were you wise with it

Did you respect all that came with it


No you did not


You took it and walked away


so simple for you

Now I am enptier than before

I'm lost


How could you be so cruel

How could you make me such a fool


Anger fills the place love once held in my heart


will I ever heal...


No is the answer


A scar will be my memory 

of something that could be so special...


By Lynn Hahn








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