What I'd Do For You

Give you a thousand roses and a thousand violins
A thousand manned choir to sing you a thousand hymns
Light up a thousand stars in the image of your face
Give me a thousand wishes and I'd wish most of the same
Nine hundred ninety-nine wishes, I'd wish for one more day
To spend with you, then change my wish when my last wish came
On the thousandth wish, I'd wish for a thousand more
Wishes, then repeat my wishing cycle in galore
Light up a thousand candles, bond a thousand golden rings
Sit two doves outside your window, in the morning they would sing
A thousand of my love songs, the outpouring of my love
Is stronger than the love for God, held by a thousand nuns
Give you a thousand Genie lamps, three thousand wishes to commands
Catch a thousand of the raindrops from above the point you stand
Cut out the clouds, insert the blue, on you it never rains
Massage a thousand pressure points, you'll never feel a pain
Grab a thousand yards of thread with pins, the world is tailor-made
For you, I'd grab a thousand paints and paint the world your shade
Give me a thousand lives, in each one I'd search for you
If it takes a thousand years, I'd give it just to be with you
I'd do a thousand things if I'm ever asked to
But not by a thousand girls, though, only if asked by you.

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