I had that dream again...

I had that dream again...

You and me dancing on some random beach.

 I felt your hands on my thighs,

moving me gently with your warm eyes.

You were looking at me like if it was the first time, 

the first time of holding me with your warm hands. 

I remember it clearly now.

My head was resting on your chest,

I know you were smelling my hair and

playing with it just like you always do. 

That night we didn't speak much, 

we didn't need to.

Our eyes said it all; 

the silence of our dance said it all... 

I had that dream again,

we were dancing in some random beach.

I could hear the waves from a far. 

I remember you stopped for a moment and looked at me; 

you looked at me with that stare again,

that stare which I know now what it means.

You didn't say much,

you just smiled.

You held me close to you,

like if it was something you were saying to me.

I felt it in your eyes,

in the way, your hands were around my face.

I had that dream again...



◄ There was once a man.

Only in the dark I see the day. ►


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