I Love Your Allure

I would never question your narrative— as it be, figuratively.

Cheers to another year: it’s ever clear — our glasses never get drunk.

(for all intents and purposes) spirited twin flames pour out libations to a personal god
No half truths with you.
I idolize your third eyes outlook on life...
Our inner visions - seen to fruition - showcase infinite possibilities
Granted we share the same views— the private reserves feature a bit of earth; combined with subtle hints of what was heard through the grapevine.

(if you will?) The energy begins to build, and changes; starting at the base - as it raises our vibration, Taking turns, we twist our words trying to make out what we’re trying to say.

It may be just lost in translation— the way your body language tells me everything on a need to know basis, like when read— the glow of your rosy cheeks shows through going as far as to cue a multitude of hues (This repeatable process is part of a phenomenon)- known only to the masses as an "unspeakable truth".
Being interpreted as a sign — the likes of which — to the untrained eye, can only be described as “I’m blushing.”

-In a perfect world, it would seem- The seed of life, is seamlessly ingrained within nature.
"—Whether an array of daylight?—" is to bedazzle the enlightened knight in shining armor;
Not to be that guy—however I’m beside myself.
in many respects the flower of life is a sacred sight: furthermore, it’s patterned after compassion— when everyone had happened —there was someone who had no choice thereafter...
—it's as if your actions, act as a modality for ethical light work; the way you branched out into the matters of the earth.
My, oh my
she loves me, she loves me lots
I love you so…. Will you be mine

The heavens only know of a lone soul-So down to earth.
all things considered...
—our universe has a capacity, for understanding—the gravity of a situation; that’s weighing against your conscience.
Love in and of it’s self — permeates the realms — creating a safe space via personal boundaries.
In effect: the law of attraction; is upheld by belief true to the rule of the most high

often times we feel pressure from the stars at night; however love is light— the same force that sets the sun in the sky —gives the moon it’s time to shine.

At last, What goes up in the air comes back down on the grounds that—day in and day out—around the planet, ley lines are the source of "unparalleled magic"
The secrets out that-"synchronicity"-is an alignment you find — in an awakened state of mind
—When the moment presents itself, -you will realize; the reality centered inside our eyes — is an eternal odyssey panning out right here in the now.
likewise, at the same time- once a conspiracies tiring lies are laid to rest -your peace of mind manifests.
Every so often - The change we wish to see in the world —"effortlessly" Appears— as though everything is alright
Truly, as if by magic. When you walk into a room, your positivity changes the mood — based on the energy you give off
With all the love the universe has to offer, It feels like something is missing without our significant other
Manifesting enchanted gravity —is the cause of a deepening bond between us— albeit, the only way to ground with our head in the clouds. still, we feel an added pressure from our loved ones — bringing us closer together.
Decidedly— When we put ourselves out there; —attraction is everything.—

As above So below
When that day comes you’ll know.

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