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Gabriella Jasper on If this was a movie (Mon, 22 Aug 2016 10:04 pm)

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It'd been fabulously single

but now I am not capable

of falling out of love

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If this was a movie

if this was a movie,

you would chase me down the street

begging me to forgive you

we were standing in the rain

looking into each other eyes'

and my pain would be washed away by your sincere smile

if this was a movie...if only this was a movie...



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#love #romantic #relationship #sad

sky at night

Stars, moon, sky

the sound of cricket sing at night

All of these wouldn't matter without you by my side.


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#love #poetry #romantic

serene sea, lonely me

serene sea

wish here were we

not only me

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#lonely #loneliness #sea

No more hope...No more faith...

My heart is broken
all my hope was stolen
In so much pain, I'm looking for something
to ignite my faith again

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#brokenheart #love

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