Heavenly Bodies

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August is a great month for star gazers!

Fully clothed

With naked eye

She gazes upwards

To a moonlit sky

A mighty presence

Swiftly felt

Orion appears

Only wearing 

A belt

She's waited here

Till an early morn 

For his shimmering touch

On a summer's dawn

The hunter haunts her

As Venus looks on

But when sun arises

Her lover is gone


#astronomy #romantic #flashfiction #stars

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Phil Kay

Fri 14th Aug 2020 01:10

I loved reading this, I liked the imagery and the loss of love.

Really well crafted. Did it take long, it feels like one of those pieces that are just a flow of consciousness?

Whatever its beautiful.

Is there an element of yourself floating in it above us?

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Ruth O'Reilly

Fri 7th Aug 2020 23:16

Thanks for your poetic comment Paul and Amatul Thank you for reading aswell😊. To all who liked. I do appreciate it and will make sure to read some of your pieces over the next few days.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Fri 7th Aug 2020 23:14

Don you never fail to make me smile. And there's me trying to be all poetic about astronomy and how spectacular the night sky is at the moment 😂

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Paul Sayer

Fri 7th Aug 2020 08:17

This is esoteric poetry of the exoteric kind.

Almost impossible to write, even harder to find.

This eclipses most of those...

The words perfectly here Ruth you chose.

A Love poem so beautifully and deftly crafted.

Amatul Wadud

Fri 7th Aug 2020 06:32

Romantically sad!! 💔🌷

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Don Matthews

Fri 7th Aug 2020 04:09

Did her lover disappear cos she remained fully clothed?.....

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