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Ye Tale Of Brave Sir Moppalot

Ye Tale Of Brave Sir Moppalot


I wasn’t quite there yet

So this story is told second hand

Of the bravest and noblest knight

To ever gallop over this land


He was sitting quietly at home

When a neighbour just down the street

Knocked on the castle door

To advise him to get on his feet


A princess in need of his help

Had called out his name in the night


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birthday 17family talefatherknightlegendnapowrimo2018noble

The Knight's Stall

I had miles to go before I sleep
Endless bindings to break and keep;
Know a knight stops at nothing, but
Prairies and lakes for my horse to feed.


Through blizzards high and deserts dry
Rain that echoed of homesick cry,
I rode through them all
Yet, at the riverside I put up a stall.

On the edge of the river eternal,
You stood, evidence of the supernal,
Like a piece of star brig...

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Knightloverobert frostromantic

Sir Bruce Forsyth - Knight of the Realm

"Nice to see you

To see you nice".

Tip-tapping in waistcoats;

On the noble steed that is

Tess Daly.



Wielding his chin

Like a sabre,

And winning the nation's

Favour, "'Cos

That's the name of the game".



He's not a king,

Queen or Jack.

He's not even "higher

Or lower" - he's a knight!

Bruce Forsyth:

Knight of t...

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