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Pitter patter of the rain
used to remind me of,
muddy shoes and smelly toes..
But now, it reminds me of,
easy conversation,
merry laughter
& a journey I could have

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Miles and John

John and Miles on the final tour

soaring like eagles in my ears

The wind breezes past my open face

And wafts the melody high up into the heavens

where it sounds out its angelic anthem

Broadcast to the entire globe

Marvelling in its musical wizardry

Triumphing in its tuneful finery.

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Winging It (Nullarbor Journey)

The Nullarbor Plain, seven hundred miles of waterless plain but with many trees (and untold kangaroos) is other-worldy in its exquisite and remote presence. Like most parts of non-urban Australia it is a dangerous and even fatal place for fools and risk-takers, who regularly pay the ultimate price. This piece is about the aura of darkness that surrounds the happy traveller in such surroundings.


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