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I’m a lover,not a fighter

I’m a lover,not a skill fighter
I’m a lover,not a booming fighter
I’m a lover,not a banging lover
bang is a boom of a lover
bang is a boom of a fighter
a lover is a booming lover
a lover is a booming fighter

a banging lover is a booming disease
a banging lover is a booming paradise
disease is a booming disease
disease is a boom of a banging disease
paradise is a booming paradise

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You Showed Me

Paint me a picture of a beautiful flower

Then tell me all the sins it has done

Let me look away just once

Before this sour taste in my mouth

Becomes all there is you showed me

All that hasn’t gone south

Let me see the truth behind the lie

That last wish before you die

or before you get to live

Give me the chance to forgive

Under the mistletoe what we have done


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I wonder

I wonder


I saw you skipping through the meadow this morning


were you on your way to meet a secret lover


or taking a shortcut to the Village Market


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mysteryloveryoung woman


a bad lady's fallen down,

I bend to tender succour,

lean, quite ravaged now,

she used to be a looker


rheumy eye meets mine

sees me for an old lover

I ring for an ambulance

my raincoat for a cover


beyond speech, staring,

I stroke her grimy hand,

crowd standing apart, a

motley but curious band


she tries to speak, but

uttering merely tears,


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sirenloverbag ladycollapsememories

eyelids and earlids

eyelids and earlids



beauty from color



glimmer from a lake


all lost with eyelids closed


birds songs in the forest,

symphony of city car horns

beeping to a crescendo

cooing of a morning dove

breathing of a lover


all lost with ear lids shut


is one better

to loose than the other


one would have to ask Helen Kell...

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eyelidsearlidsloverbeautysoundsHelen Kellersights

Never Praise A Lover

When love fever swirls into passion

Making life seem a bed of roses

Its natural to applaud your lover

Dodging the questions love poses


Its a mistake to praise a lover

Never go overboard with salutes

With some lovers it goes to their head

Then they get too big for their boots


Rather refrain from acclamation

Go easy with those pats on the back

Remember that be...

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praiseloversalutesacclamationstanding ovation

Only In Dreams

How wide is the ocean, how far away are the stars

Is there really life up there on Mars ?

heaven they say is above us and hell below

Many question but answers are few you know 

Nothing is for certain except I know I love you

in my dreams your my lover with out you I'm blue

Its Valentine's Day made for lovers who care

Yet  we only meet in dreams your always there

We make lov...

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The Spaceship part 1

High in the clouds we float.. spaceship
Views of the city a head turn away
I see it all from here
I see lights and windmills
I see houses and tall hills
In the distance famous towers
Blessed for this view
I could gaze out for hours
I stay early hours
Love I've never felt more
Oh euphoric twelfth floor
Safe and time stops
Towered over tree tops
Warmth. . I feel your body heat
In sync ...

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Space shipfriendlover


First, it is only that the tree

is more a presence

less a shadow

beyond my window

then other horizons

light their resting clouds

with a subtle pre-dawn glow

that slowly sets the first gold sun glint

on each high branch above

against a new pale blue sky -

will dawn chasten my succubus

end our companioned time?

that half-felt fragile warmth beside me

seems to s...

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I thought....

I swear I miss u 
I even wrote a Boone about u 
In 2016 I was willing to die bout u 
It was a high even when I lye next to u 
I swear I would lie for u 
Babygirl yo love was strong 
I knew you’ll die for me 
I’m depressed ,I’m back drinking 
I know you probably like 
“Wtf is he thinking” 
But when I’m drunk i just be pacing 
When I’m high I be contemplating 
I wish the love would’ve la...

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The Scribe and his Lover

I weep for his skills:

                the perfect crafting

                of the calligraphy


She sighed, "Forge me the seal of our love"

She sighed, "Render yourself to me"

She sighed, "I am your vellum"


I weep for her artistry


He saw the curves, the loops, the cursive strokes:

                flow smoothly from his nib



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scribecartographersultanloveloverlove poemcartouchetughraghazalcalligraphyvellum

His Eye's~His Everything

{His Eye's~His Everything}



His eyes are like getting lost into deep space nine with the glory of the heavens shining through them 

His word's was earth moving to her ? heart that she kept so hidden from everyone in deep space nine 

His voice was like the soft angel's singing out her name with touch of roughness to it which she founded to be intoxicating 

His hair was like sil...

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lifelove poemlove poetryloverOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoempoetryromanceromanticTina Glover


                                    After Ezra Pound and Giacomo Leopardi


And so you were

everything to me, that is now less than dust –

                        lost, captive of the soil

That surrounds and nourishes my soul.


And so now I –

still stranded, umbral shade of past desire – 

                        left, am guardian of sad recall

watching branch and blo...

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