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Chrissie Hynde
2000 miles
remember years
long by
home filled
from far
and wide
in love
a bevy of
turtle doves
came this way
for a
short stay
my heart
of me they're
still a part
time ticked
those occasions
now gone
stll feel
the cheer
after all
these years
too old
for magic
in the sou...

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The Ocean Inside The Shell

entry picture

The salty sea spray sprinkles my skin,

like summer showers

That begin 

Then end 


I stand in front of a crust forming at the edge of the beach


Splintered, softened wood 



Shiny when wet

Their colours

Like common jewels

Topaz, ruby, emerald, turquoise, coral pink, terracotta

All there for the picking

All at my feet

This Novemb...

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beachchildhoodfamilyholidaysmemoriesmum and dadshell

The Invitation

a sonnet


That thou may'st happly spend your day

Fair maid amongst the northern hills

With books and study that will oft defray

Your time and thought in winter's chills;

That there is pleasure 'mongst your shelves

Oh lady in your cottage home

Tis proven by each and everyone who delves

In dusty library vaults to hunt a tome;

That thy bookish studies are good I swear


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The Sea Dog



 He shouts at the top of his lungs

 I scurry


Through soggy sand

Tripping over sea-softened

Splitting wooden posts

In my eagerness to see what’s happened

“What is it Dad?”

“What’s happened?!”

I stop.

Puffing and panting


Against the sun

I see him

Sat on the sand

Looking flabbergasted

Pointing away 

Towards the sea


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Caravan holiday

Away from the city

The town

It's 'nice' districts

And 'not so nice'

Is where I find you

And Dad

Even though you've been gone

For over a decade.


You'd rummage round the big market

in Fleetwood

Drink tea, coffee

Toasted teacakes

From a local cafe

Staffed by friendly ladies

With time on their hands

Got up to look like maids 

In an old Victorian cou...

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In Formby it never ever rains

Playground all summer long my early days

Playtime was forever then and there

Crowded caravan crammed with joy

Quick splash of water on the face

Dressing quickly, combed through hair

Breakfast rushed on happy faces

Checking windows for neighbour friends 

Are they up, are they ready 

And off we charge into seaside light 

Yesterday's plans r...

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C-R-A-P World Holidays

entry picture

I’m looking for a holiday. 
I’m surfing on the internet. 
I want a little getaway, 
a place I haven’t been yet. 
I hit on this site 
-‘s got lovely colour photos, 
the prices are all right, 
there’s lotsa countries you can go. 
It’s called: Culturerelaxationandadventurepackageworld.com. Culturerelaxationandadventurepackageworld.com 
That’s C-R-A-P-World dot com. 

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climate changeextinctionholidaysPollution


the great heave of recent war

lay back swallowed by the cold channel floor


beach out of bounds

with its lullabies of mines and barbed wire


marram grass saluted a past

like a bereavement


as we climbed from the train at Harwich

en route by Bedford coach to a week of levity


the boiler of the locomotive hissed in the rain

platform alight with puddles


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Let's hear it for Blackpool

trams lit up at night

gliding on like Fairyland

whether dull or bright.

A welcome like a cleavage

a smile for everyone

entertainment wherever you look

and the tower a wonderful sight.

Food prepared by the bucket

nothing much wrong with that

If you get indigestion

there's always the funny hat.

Try to be there in the Autumn

when the ...

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Merry Christmas

entry picture

Merry Christmas , my dearest friends, 
Living on different and beautiful Lands! 
Merry Christmas to all - big and small! 
Merry Christmas to you and you, and you! 
To all those who say more often "hello" than "adieu".
Merry Christmas to all… rich and poor,
To those who are always know and sure
That tomorrow will certainly come, 
That our world is blithesome and awesome.
Merry Christmas to...

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entry picture

Suncream, Sandwiches, Sea and Sand

Warm sheltered rock-pools on the beach

This British green and pleasant land

Where Donkeys'  poo and Seagulls' screech


Grandad’s hanky on his head

His rosy cheeks a shade of peach

His Daily Mirror long since read

Where Donkeys' poo and Seagulls' screech


Grandma’s at Bingo every night

Her handbag with her like a leech

Her rol...

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When the Holiday is Over


Forget the blue skies and the swimming pool

Your desk is all ready so don’t act like a fool.


Forget the pavement cafes and Mademoiselles

As your computer fires up with a thousand e-mails

Enough to numb the pain

and the nagging desire for a glass of red wine;

Act cool.


Briefings, meetings and folders to review

Memoranda and consultations to ploug...

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The Ghost Of Summer

entry picture

The Ghost Of Summer


A leaded cloak that settled on the bay,

forewarned us of the chaos yet to rise

from deep within the boiling soup of grey.


The thunderheads that blocked our sunny day

and scattered tears of winter from their eyes –

made all the basting bathers go away.


The crystal spume of effervescent spray

that settled on us, causing such su...

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shrimping net city

entry picture

There’s nothing so pretty

As shrimping net city

Where rock pools are tempting

And hermit crabs charm

In gingham and sandals

With sand between our toes

A spade and a bucket

Held in freckled arms.


The grannies are wiry -

Running down to the ripples

A chorus of children

To left and to right.

As the gulls wheel and deal

On their pasty patrol


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Happy Easter!

entry picture


Palm Sunday has gone,

Holy week has begun,

The week with events

Leading to Jesus torments,

To His Resurrection,

Showing the spirits domination.


Glory to Jesus Christ!


Easter Sunday today,

The greatest holiday.

We pray and say,

All around the world,

The words of love to our Lord

Showing that his death was not in vain.



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Lost in translation upon a sun kissed shore - Sulina's Maudlin Charm


On a sun kissed shore long ago I left you crying

Along a forgotten highway we used to tread

Down by the river delta we screamed our hearts out

Places where we were only recently two lovers, hand in hand instead

I’m not sure your heart was quite ready for the emotions that I brought with me

Yet for a while we were the talk of the town, for you had never before walked ha...

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