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Her Dog's Voice

This is about my first dog who sparked off my interest in the paranormal due to experiences I had related to him from a young age


When you were a baby

I was a pup

I was always there

To cheer you up

I'd guard your pram

Outside the shops

With my nose

On your door

I'd often knock

I loved days

When we used

To play ball

I'd lick your knee

Each time


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Devotion and Desire

Your fingers strummed the strings of your guitar in a lazy, sleepy pattern as my consciousness began to drift
I inched as close to you as possible, molding my bones to yours as I seamlessly carved for myself a place at your side
Space was a silly idea, a concept at that moment we would never need to consider, should never consider
You played on as we laid together, my chest rising and falling a...

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Gaze into a persons eyes,

far beyond the mask

and wonder at the questions

that you’re too afraid to ask.


Gloriously gazing

into depths of deep emotion,

currents running deep

within a cool and placid ocean.


Dive into the loving soul

of one who gives their all

and marvel at the feelings

that are waiting for the call.


Deliberately diving

into stro...

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For Loki

For Loki;

Oh Lopt, the slandered god, I judge you not.
Your actions seem unjust or selfish,
but they are not.
They are quite the opposite.
You, the Wily Giftbringer,
what would the mighty gods be,
if you hadn't cut off the Lady's hair?
Hotheaded and sly,
you made the gods stronger,
through your mischief.

What of the walls of Asgard?
Without you, oh Loke,
they would be vulnerable...

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Two in the Rain






two joined, separated
a brother now one
and his brother's friend
a friend that loved
filled that emptiness
that hearth and home
could not mend
one fateful day
their ways crossed
to wayward wend

what tears run streaks
on your redded cheeks
why the furtive pulse
in your eyes it shows

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Long lost they lay beneath the ice
in which their skated feet had cut a slice
as they once pirouetted together in delight
on a sparkling winters moonlight night.

The press would say they ran from view
and for a week or more theories anew
of where they went and how they slipped
past those that this accident had tricked

Pressed together their souls entwined
all troubles past, think of them kind
for such ...

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