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Including Sue

Zen zen breathe breathe

I'm supposed to see the flow and chill

The maker makes the writer fails

I'm supposed to let that go as well

I want nothing and nothing will still

Chase me down and bite my heels

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong and wrong is but

Nothing if nothing is always a rut 

So I can just wait it out

Let my heart beat and shout

And hopefully quickly burn itself out


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If Only I Could Take Alan's Advice

entry picture

And the line from that song is my reassurance in life

 That all is ok and alright and live now

and then I just watch as unbidden

I spiral back around and then I'm lost and then I'm here

Can't I just go just let go just calm down

Can't I just watch and listen and live in my round

And here it is, my mind is just unsound

Burdened by my future that is running afoul 

It's not a ...

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My Mother In Law, My Mon

entry picture














I called you

Mom from day one.

You called me

Shirley, sometimes

you called me Hon.


But I had

to let you go,

I had to say

"Good Bye."

But in my heart

I said,

"Mom please

don't die."


That was more than

ten years now.

Sometimes I

still cry. That ...

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