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Two minds, souls and spirits connect to become one 

Both energies Intertwined to give off a synergistic frequency into the ether 

Two hearts beating to the same drum

Speak it into existence and he/she shall be drawn to you

Like two magnets finding their centre

At times the pull might not be perfectly aligned but in the end you will always find your way back to each other.


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Friday Tidbit

Linear intricacies

I might just be a tiny speck In this vast universe but everyday I leave a little part of myself behind in the ether so I exist in a linear space that can only be accessed through my mind. 




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The melodic grass

This music,

it makes me want to fall from the water

float in the sky,

stare at those lips

and kiss those green eyes,

drink from the clouds

and jump on the pond

to feel the stars

and gaze at the stones,



the rythms , the notes

melt my mind

ignite my visible voice

I'm not here nor there

maybe inside a void


floating on the blues

maybe its a d...

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Paper Friends


Leaving seems so hard

Until you actually leave


The peculiar truth is

Leaving feels ludic, orphic, majestic

Leaving the places which seemed to matter

Leaving the paper people I once met

Leaving, forgiving & moving forward


What a trouvaille I encountered

To leave the paper connection

Leaving them as they are, incomplete & rustic

Leaving them in the ocean ...

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The leaves of the tree

Behind the house of glass are falling

With each step of the wind

They liberate themselves from the branches

From the complexity of the connections

Connection of the root with the trunk

Of the trunk with the branches

Of the branches with the leaves

The leaves liberated themselves

From the connections

From the dependence


The leaves of the ...

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independenceLifeRealrunawaypoemstrongindependentbeautifulfreedomfreepoetrynaturecontrailsskywomanbreakfreehappyliberatedconnectionsismy lifebestbeyourselfselflove

Jet Scream

a single bright needle

picks apart the forget-me-not cloth

then stitches it back together

with a chalky yarn

so swiftly run that

the scream doesn’t come

until later

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