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From may I come in to
I'm cumming in, we both found love
Playing with each-other all night
Until I convert you in a dove,

We got to know each other and
Kept falling in love like a hell drop.
You got all over me
And sucked me like a loli-pop

As I found you, I broke
All my ties from these hoes
Gave you all I have
And kept these bitches under my toes.

Love is all I have in ...

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The Breeze of Life

The breeze of lust
flows through the forest
of my heart
like a fallen ember
igniting the soul
of souls
housed within the growth
that has been my shield
The breeze of love
coalesces from the ocean
of my mind
like a gentle touch
filling my soul
of souls
housed within the depth
that has been my home
The breeze of lust
The breeze of love
together form one
to become
The breeze of li...

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