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tiny bits

WTF did oxford pilot do in the flying abortion he was flying? that question i ask. the darker part of war. that the villagers state is true, the answer. did the canadian pilot DELIBERATELY RAM the german hornisse heavy fighter? no of course not. the oxford broke apart under 20mm cannon fire. and the kraut was hit by debris. but the locals said he knew the hornisse would...

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Elsewheres And Might Have Beens

Sometimes the safest questions to ask ourselves 
are about other times, other places, and other people. 
It is so much more pleasant to guess what might have been, 
how things might have felt, what people might have wished for,
and what might have lain ahead along unspotlighted
corridors of time.
Rather than dwell where we are, with ourselves,
Feeling far less happy to not know the answers.


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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #39 {Alone With My Unknowns}

{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #39} {Alone With My Unknowns} 



Face to face 



in the

shadows if

I hold on

to you 

I might 

not be so 

lost into it 

can't we create

enough light to 

force it to retreat

but you are a 

part of it too 

the steady ocean

in your eyes 

frozen when I 

wasn't looking

`n` I lay her...

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