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To You I Come

Not because you

Hold a stand

But when life fell apart

You held my hand


When all that I could do

Was cry

You wiped the tear

From my eye


You listened as I shared

My soul

And why right now 

I can't feel whole


And while there might 

Not be a thing that you could do

With compassion you heard

My point of view

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Also by Kathy Cammarota:

Through Tears ( Day after the Presidential election 2016 ) | Bring Back The Good | A Measured Mind |


Remember adventures that happen on journey
Don't feel a resentment as you chase fantasies
To the ends of this world without the tragedies
That might occur on route, avoiding death's gurney

You might endure some pain as much as you cause it
Opening wide your heart to allow it broken
While securing lessons that giants are shaken
From the feeble nature of this natural split

Whatever comes...

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Also by Louis Audet:

Phoenix Pay System | Cherry Pie | House Party | Seeing first time | Best friend in waiting | The good wife | Sandpaper | Strong Survivor | The passion of night | Dream Woman | Her kink | Collapse | Goosebumps | Women | From a Canadian friend | Acceptance | The mountain drive | Work | The mansion | The park bench | The quiet night | The massage | Depression | The dragon's den | The kingdom | New Porn Star | Sinking feeling | The judge | Two lines | Traffic |


entry picture

I don’t think your soul
Is capable of being dark as my own
Even when you start showing similar traits
In just a few hours you knew me couple dates
Named me
The black queen
Cause never revealed no feeling
Never left an impression but still made a killing
You said my eyes show all the pain I’ve been hiding
That my heart is a home to darkness and that’s where hate is residing
That’s why I k...

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Also by Pfunzo Badane:

A Kid |

The Masterplan

For all those who think wonderwall is still in the charts...

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Also by Wayne Riley:

Puberty | My Wife | Homeland | The Pursuit Of Happyness | Partial Suicide |

Our strange stay here on Earth

We did not ask for this

We cannot control what we must

We can only rise to the times

And do what we see as right

There is no one there to listen

No parent in the sky

We are the author of our souls

The believer in our faith

Children of the universe

Intellect and compassion?

Built solely from an interplay of atomic particles

Our strange stay here on Earth

The true...

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Also by Kim Whysall-Hammond:

Chalklands | After the Dance | Burning | Solar thoughts or To our mistress, the sun | To walk among ruins |


The Worthy Opponent

One who is strong in will

And full of skill

One who sets out to kill

Opposing the ones God filled 

Much blood had to spill

to pay the worldly bill

Jesus took our cup out of His goodwill

So we won't have to go alone over the hill

His love, to all who believe, He instills 

His promises He will fulfill

With Jesus, we can take that hill

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Also by Travis:

The Good Life |

The Wiseman Speaks

I've seen truth reveal itself over time and wisdom follow closely behind it. And if wisdom would ever get off track, his friend pain would surely remind him. Truth told me that love kills and wisdom told me truth was being truthful. The first time is my life, when wisdom was actually useful. It's no scenic route in life and it's no shortcut to success. Hatred blocks my heart, anxiety taunts my str...

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Paper Planet Spinner Kid

Common sense would dictate

That when a website uses the concept of pounds...

...I think they're pounds? Maybe?

Well, that should indicate the base of operations; Britan.

...United Kingdom...?

Maybe just.....generally European?


My knowledge of globes, that explain the world in quilted patches is small. I only recall that lines we're drawn with sticks at some point and dec...

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Also by Connor Lannes:

Give Me An Original Metaphor | The Island of Misfit Boys | Puberty & Desperation | Simon Bette's Cry of the Lost Lamb | Selfie Culture is Just Culture You Stupid Fucking Baby Boomer. | What To Do After You've Participated In A Threesome | Housewives, Magic Circles, and Poetic Gimmicks. | Watching a Group of Angry College Kids is Weirdly Entertaining | Experimental Proposition Following Observation of Apathy |

Connor LannesGovernmentPoliticsThoughts


linger awhile,weakening love,

for I feel our days together are dwindling,

damaging me beyond all reparations.I ask,

since the inflictions of your inevitable departure are looming

and will cut deeply,that you do not leave me in loneliness,

until my heart has emptied its last tear in preparation for a life in shadows.


Come closer,but do not pity me.

Though the sorrow I shal...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

redeterminations | cozenesque | loves literacy | spiritless | best rollercoaster ride ever!! | a bastard abandons | above all and everything in the universe | once bitten | soul stripped | ark wanted |




Are they patriots or philanthropists

given to good works and the welfare of mankind?

Do they seek to change for the better

or is there some hidden agenda?

Politicians are a breed set apart

out for themselves from the very start

They preen themselves to receive acclaim

and fast enough to submit an expense claim

They become quite detached from us all


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Also by keith jeffries:

Behind a Closed Door | Italy | Those Halcyon Days | A Wartime Journey | Air Raid | Gallipoli | Air Gunner | The Heat of the Night | The Madding Crowd | The Demobbed | Imagination | Waves | All in All | Turn the other cheek | An Idyll | Fruition | Life´s Span | Soggy goings on... | The Mellow Years | Sunday | Self Destruction | A Train Journey | The Tobacconist | First Day at School | The Ultimate Love | Stress | The Poet Philosopher | Hidden from View | A Circle of Friends | Lost but Held | Old Father Tom | She sailed in... | Turmoil | Berlin | The Tango | Your Book | Reaching Out | Nan | Hither and Thither | The Bike Sheds | School Sports Day | Step outside | If only.... | Seek and you will find | Best of Friends | A Darkened Sanctuary | A Transitory World | Labels | A Dimensional World |

yin yang

What is sadness?

What is goodness?

What is badness?

What is happiness?

Are all these things the same?

Or different.

What is the same as these things?

I know it's not life.

I know it isn't living.

So what is it?

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Also by Ben Chronister:

crying | what is trust | my first draft of my new book | sadness in the morning | quick shoutout | poem on my family | more poetry |

Your Shoes

entry picture

Little open mouths,

worn out tongues, dirty talkers,

they’ve been talking about you

when you’re not around,

how you’ve been

going this way and that,

scuffing them on street corners,

shuffling through the

warm streets at night

listening to voices from open windows.

Look how worn they’ve  become

these imprints of your time on earth

tired as old leather


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Also by Tom Harding:

Late Summer | Best Endeavours | The Secret | Night Feed |

that moment is so golden

entry picture

You are the silence between breaths, that moment that encompasses every potential

Where I’m not only questioning and I’m not just knowing, I'm filling every space in between.

You are the strings that tie my heart down, keeping it from flying away with every little joy.

Fuck you bring me such joy!

Joyous flights of ecstasy in your hugs.

And when I hear you say you need me as much as ...

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Also by Dana Lyn:

Work Sets You Free | Post Traumatic Echos | (but also when she said no) |

#poem #love#slam

The Priory

entry picture


Like sweet dreams and flying machines

in pieces on the ground


Crashing from addiction into hell

their sobriety imprisoned

in a substance free deep well


Six o’clock dispensing time

the quivering junkies form a line

white cone cups held out are filled

with anti-nausea suppressant pills


At ten its tea and one-to-one

no spoons on silver chains

the t...

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Also by Wolfgar:

Look what i did | No tribe | And the weeping should waken | No quarter | In the heart of drought | Rootless | Child of no hope | Tweseldown | No note | Do you want to talk about it? | Topographic oceans | Dehumanise to survive | Immortal ideas | Pulp |

AddictionCommerce in therapyMajor Tom


what belongs to me,of him

goes as far as his heart.


I do not have the power

nor would I want to have

of owning his soul,and his mind.


Those privileges belong to

the world of spirituality

and the far reaches of total freedom.

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Also by Rose Casserley:

hoping for a much improved sequel | the returning curse | Spirits of Monday | my participation in Mothers longest game of hide and seek | going for it...and then some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | pre-birth | have a peek at my little 'ol ditties! | eradication of botheration | bleak outlook (inspired by Patricia Wildes recent poem) | the road to capitulation |

Crab spider


Yet unaware

Numbly green

Apparent fear


Haul self to ground in a fleeting moment


Nothing to lose

Nothing to gain


With a web

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The End of May

entry picture

June will be the end of May!

The 9th will be a celebration day.

We'll dance in the streets of the whole U.K.

Let's make June the end of May!


When she came no one expected

she'd hit us with a rock hard Brexit,

so show the lady to the exit.

Let's make June the end of May!


June will be the end of May!

We'll halt the NHS decay

and give the nurses proper pay.


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Conservativesgeneral electionLabour PartyTheresa MayTories


Does Mother Nature show the need

To define what makes a flower or weed?

Everything has its natural place

While Man decides to give it space.


The dandelion - or "lion's tooth"

Is one example - and in truth

Would be treasured on a vine

Ensuring its future as a wine!


Does Mother Nature seek to guide a

flea to be free of the web of a spider...

Or help the spider...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Cock's Away!


Back in the nineties, Lorena and John
were making the news with a ‘right carry-on’!
John’s marriage commitments, he just couldn’t keep.
So she chopped off his ‘chopper’ whilst he was asleep!

Lorena then (finally) came to her senses.
So shocked with her handiwork’s dire consequences!
Her ‘unkindest cut’ must have broken the law,
so she picked up his ‘winkie’ and ran for the door.


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Also by John Andrew Nield:

United Airlines Double-Booking Policy! | The Trouble With Nuts! | 'Pet Project'! | The 'Greater Cause'! | 'A Brush with Art!' |

Last Goodbye

For the sake
Of all smiles that fake
I will forgive
My self to grieve
To forget
Everything I meant
Then I will say
Good bye 
For the love that dies 

Everything I meant
Is what I really meant

And everything I show
Is everything I want to show

Sometimes a memory
Sometimes a history

Sometimes a melody
 That cannot be on rhythm 

Everything I realized
Is what you want me t...

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Also by Gelo leysa:

How can there be nothing? | Last poem that I will right for you |

Green to Gray

Green to Grey


I have before seen flowers spruced such to convey meaning,

And I have before been offered a rose,

Of tantalizing beauty.


But I sit here in a meadow of dandelions,

(The weeds of a flower)


For the world had left them unkept.


I do not see tomorrow through the glass made today,

Instead, I watch the moon shift in the sky,

And I pray.


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Also by Adrian Metcalf:

Withered Leaves | Regret | Dear You (Third) | Dear you (Second) | Dear You (First) |

DepersonalizationDepressionDerealizaitonGreen to GrayImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticReveringSadness


entry picture

Lying here comforting my daughter of 9 months beside me, it suddenly occured to me that when she was born I was going to write more, start to share my work, use my time out of work to explore my poetry writing too. You know, all the usual gubbins, before the actual reality of having a newborn who doesn't sleep, has painful reflux and an older, teenage sister or whichever equivalents consume you.


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Life Loved To Death

In loving, I set myself up for loss,

In caring, broken by those who don't give a toss,

What is the point in this moment or next?

We all end up broken, more broken, bereft...


From start to finish just feels like a flash,

Earn money, more money, broken for cash,

Tired and more tired waiting for sweet release,

When death's knell calls, signalling my peace


So what is ...

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Also by Liam:

Liquid Freedom |


Coincidence or Not?

There's no escape from the thought of you.

I dreamed of you and there you were.

Another day passes

Another time comes

And there you are again.

A random stranger I meet shares your name.

A new word for the day and it's your name.

I can't escape!

It's funny, yet sad, 

It feels like the universe wants it, or a very strong coincidence. 

"There are no coincidences!" you sa...

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A jealous wind blows through the rooms

of St.Augusta's Nursing Home

Mrs.Grundy come last Monday

wore her come to bedtime eyes

to beckon Mr. Albert Gregory

and work her charms now recollected

her hands to places reconnected.


The word went round from nurse to nurse

whose jobs were often well rehearsed

especially in Mr. Gregory's case

large as he was in the fuselage


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Also by ray pool:


What’s bad for your heart is good for your art, they say

And it may be true that poetry is either about pain or love,

Finding or losing a beloved one

Thoughts and creativity,

As a tool to convert them into words in a poem,

Find me, not when I am at my absolute worst, never then

They find me when I am feeling a bit down, disheartened, sad

The kind of “there are tears in my eyes...

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after midnight in Shouldbepulleddown Street

Street lamps meekly glow

in the small hours

as they tumble by damp dominated slummish terraces

and down pungently cat piss reeking alleyways


a lonely beer pleased staggerer

half whispering

half silently mouthing

wonderous promises to no-one but his inebriated self

goes on his stumbling way

undisturbed by yowling hissing cats

each defending their impoverished terr...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

for those left to read their dying days menu | Jerusalem? nay Mr Blake! Justuselessscum! | Widow baiting | only the intellectuals need not reach for their Good old days dictionaries | malignant growth of realisation | For the love of greasy girders |

Sanitary Towels For Men

Sanitary towels for men -
No why
Only when..




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Also by Suki Spangles:

The Quantum Paradox | As A Fragrance Ghost With No Name Drifts By |


Lost in the damper of the mess I created not knowing how to find my way out. No hope, no light at the end of the tunnel asking myself why do we need the love of another, why do we need that, to feel the love of another. I don’t know how to live life without feeling like a complete  failure  after you're told that so much in life you begin to believe the mean stuff that people say.


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Polyester Fluorescent Workwear?

      If things were so spun that I 
dressed my lady I'd gaze on an Aztec princess.
A summer's warmth her eyes radiate! Jade and gold 
catch the light. Charms and tokens of love 
sparkle in earnest. Silks and feathers shimmer;
bring motion to emotion in my view.
For my life as backdrop I am ecstatic.
This is the picture to die for. 
     Back here in this flat world, England 2017, 

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Contrariwise To The Newest Wrinkle | Always Mistaken | Land Of No Return | We All Agree | Pastoral | Love Begins At Fifty | A Consideration |


A Win-Win Approach (A poetic one-scene drama)

entry picture

Characters (All together six)

Ethiopia (Mother) , Blue Nile (son) , Riparian Countries (Two-R1, R2)
International Donors (Two- D1, D2)

A background music about Blue Nile  River and a backdrop about Blue Nile fall

(Abaye Negateba Habtun Yafesewal,
Chesalba Nedage Belew MenYansewal /
Day in and day out Abaye (BlueNile)
Pours down its wealth,
It will not be a hyperbole if
I dare call i...

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Self Destruction |

blue niledamwin-win

rainy day in may

The cafes alive today

The throbbing throng

of hardy rained soaked song

in idle chatter

of weather, all too much

baby’s prams and buggies

mothers aging matriarchs

food frying toasted boiling baking

plates of omelettes toast sausage

egg and chips

steaming tea mocha latte

coke and 7 up

mugs cups and chinking glasses

pensioners sit in silent stare

of mock re...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Bar room blues |


do not worry about me, i am no longer the baby i was

do not be stressed up, your little girl is taking care of herself

though life is not easy, she is trying her best to make ends meet

though the road is not smooth, she is trying to make it through


i have to admit it is hard making my  own choices and decisions

with fear that i might have taken the wrong way

i had been fond ...

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Also by kanini Beatrice:


Better for my soul

Days have gone till I've felt something strange,
would I feel like that again?
Will my life be with the sweetness I haven't known yet?
One can do so much,
one can feel too much.
I admit I ache for something,
something unknown.
One thing is for certain,
I might feel it again.
Might not be the same, 
maybe more...
Better of this ache,
better for my soul.



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lovenewsreal liferomance

No Place For Angels

No Place For Angels



     We believed,

We thought nothing could stop

‘Our’ evolution,

     Would even go to

War to settle difference of


     But, we’re no different

Now than thousands upon

Thousands of blind years,

     For we’re still singing war songs

And frightening the babes

So distraught as shells fall

And Martyrs scream battle crie...

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Also by Noetic-fret!:

None of You Truly Know | Dark Entry |


Shrieking with laughter she free wheeled down the hill

Plaits like twin kite tails streaming behind her

Starlings screech. An owl, late to bed, screams blue murder

Her red cardigan, an emblem, against the unrelenting green

Straight legs held aloft, exquisite pleasure of heels

Digging into thin air. The rush of wind on soft cheeks

Exhilaration of speed, obliterating all thoughts o...

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Also by Hazel ettridge:

Child |


When you want to hate us

we're gonna show you love

we're gonna show you decency

we are a city united

defiant and inked with bees

we will rise and soar above

we turn hate to honey

with a sting more powerful

than anything you can bring

we're party people, we're kin

we were born to live forever

we hold tight, we stand together

we love one another, we win.

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My Bundle of Joy

When I feel so down and low

When I think of losing hope in life,

I look and stare at the photos on my wall

And see my bundle of joy brightens up the day.

The happy eyes and glowing faces,

Just hearing their laughter makes me feel great,

I will then be calm and will hear me say,

This too shall pass and All is going to be well...

All of this I am doing for my bundle of joy's ...

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Dictionary (acrostic)

Dr Johnson's work of art
Inspired some to look up 'fart'
Caused others though to search with ease
Thoughtful terms like 'whiffy breeze'
In those great enlightened days
One could get folk to mend their ways
Now alas, it's plain to see 
All too many are stuck, like me
Rambling through a short word stock
Yet still his book thwarts writers block

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Also by David Lindsay:

A Fair Exchange |


A Dog's Life


he talks to me as if I know

I just tilt my head

give him the eyes


thinks I'm his best friend

all I want is a long walk

a few wees, a dump


a sniff around lamp posts

bushes and trees

quick catch up on the news


he has to read that paper 

he's just bought 

or sit watching TV 


thinks he's in charge

but you don't see me

picking up after ...

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Also by Paul Waring:

Bitchin' In The Kitchen Sink Drama | minds under arrest | Begging For Time | That Thing We Call Nostalgia | The Politics of Billy Liar | Only The Lonely Hear Górecki |


Time heals

tends to peel away the pain

calms your brain

stops you from going insane

takes the rain and turns it into sunshine.


If you give it time your world will grow

beautiful flowers

provide long hours

of joy.


By Lynn Hahn



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entry picture

Two of the most popular women at Durham when I was a student there were The Gobbler and Black Dog.  I didn’t know their real names – I wasn’t in their company long enough to find out.

But they were good sports and did their best on the back seat of the rugby coach as we returned from away matches to commiserate with the team if we’d lost or celebrate if we’d won.  The remedy was the same.


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Also by John Coopey:


A little something to eat

These hunger pangs 
Are in salivary glands
No malnutrition 
Or double vision 
Just mental desire
For what is dire
For the body and soul
As it becomes a goal
To eat to be happier
The body gets flappier 
As we lose inhibitions
And old traditions
Of meat and two veg 
Of brown toast and egg 
Now pancakes and syrups
Fizzy drinks and hiccups 
Gassy stomachs and minds
As we indulge in al...

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Also by Alonelymouse:

Train Tracks | Risk it |

Summer Twilight

entry picture

Be sure to catch and savour

The dusk after a long fine day,

When the last glow of twilight

Seems to linger forever.


After the sun has set leaving the dim embers

Of a dying day,

When the magic of twilight

Seems to last forever.


Only a few times a year

From late May to early July,

Does the magic of twilight

Seem to go on forever.


The first bats swoo...

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Forever Show Your Love

Keep your arms around them . Never let them go . Love one another . As you have never loved before . You never know how long you have . To let your loved ones know . Just how much you care for them . So always let them know .

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Also by Wendy Higson:

I'm Angry | We Will Servive |

A Sin Of Omission

entry picture

Photo credit: Innocent Technologies 

A woman who says she loves me

Doesn’t use the interrobang at the

End of my name  

My journey toward manhood / personhood

Includes finding an appropriate name to fit into

Maybe she doesn’t appreciate

I had to become my name to be a man

Nothing short of a sea change

Could have made me possible

People have trouble with my name

I’m ...

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Also by J. Otis Powell‽ (with interrobang):

Body of Work |

Rainbow Dream

Pure gold she is, 
pure gold to me, 
pure sunlight amber glow, 
pure moonlight true blue, 
purple green,
pure red, a dream,
pure starlight white, 
pure light defined. 

So much light 
she puts inside, 
she glows, it flows, 
heart no more dark 
shades bend blue.  
My soul she does kiss open, 
a vast array of colour erupts, 
whole inside 
she leaves me always
complete ecstasy infinit...

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Also by MyDystopiA:

Blank | Pure Ecstasy | Night | Chaos |


The Digital Frontier - Bullshit Two Point Zero

We get our news in headlines and trending quotes

Despotic Tyrants hack computers to sway our votes

Egomaniacs trump their worth from their ivory towers

Politicians line their pockets with money that is ours

Whilst the fat cat bankers and the Global Corporation

Ruin our economies and sell our personal information


It seems the Arab Spring has sprung and broken

And Twits and...

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Also by Peter Roe:

First Bytes in Computing |



You gave to me your very best old tree

Since the day i planted you

The drought has knocked you round a bit

You managed to pull through


The local kids come and swing

Upon your gnarled old limbs

A Gospel Country Group would arrive

On sunday to sing hymns


We had lots of cook out Barbeques in your

Deep shade old friend

With steak and eggs and sausages

All pil...

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Also by Jonalyn Cajefe:


my pain and sadness is more sad and painful than yours

i don’t want this poem to be about anything

i want this poem to be the something

that other poems are about

because a bowl of fruit is

a bowl of fruit is

a bowl of fruit

but there is a tremulous enormity between

my fiery synapses

and the faded maps of my fingertips

it’s not

the sea

the sky

the life of

the death of



waiting to get out


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Also by Stuart Buck:

incorrectly identifying the arias of mario lanza due to the sheer volume of the voices in our heads | become something frail | leaves of glass | i am light once more | not every poem has to be about love or loss | our life is not a love song though maybe it is |

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