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yin yang

What is sadness?

What is goodness?

What is badness?

What is happiness?

Are all these things the same?

Or different.

What is the same as these things?

I know it's not life.

I know it isn't living.

So what is it?

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you scream 

i fall

you fall

I scream

we both cry

what is crying

it is showing emotion


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what is trust

trust is how much faith you put in a person

to trust you must also love

and to love you must also have faith

to have faith you need generosity

and for generosity 

you need heart.


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my first draft of my new book

                           chapter 1

Poetry is based on expression of your emotions. Anybody can write poetry even if others don't like your poetry you should still like your poetry. Poetry is a way to let out your emotions too. Emotions are very important. Emotions are how we express ourselves. Without emotion we would not be human. As humans we feel pain, anger, sadness, happiness, and even l...

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sadness in the morning

why were her eyes teary

was she sad

this early in the morning

why did she hurt herself

was it to feel pain

or maybe to bleed

why the hell was she sad

please tell me

i love her like a sister

did someone hurt her

if Yes

then who was it

please tell me who it was 




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quick shoutout

 Hey guys I'm gonna start a new book series in august. So plz read it. It's a novel on these six friends and how they are paranormal creatures.

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poem on my family

my family is there for me

probably the only people who care

they love me

something i don't do easily

they call me out on my lies

they tell me when I'm in the wrong

they care for me

and i care for them


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more poetry

how can life be light and dark

especially at the same time

how is life good and bad

at the same time

life is always two things at once

it is a little confusing

but, hay, so am I

i am very confusing

especially when I'm mad

the world is like the yin-yang

it is light and dark

how can life be light and dark

especially at the same time



So tell me what yo...

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poetryismy life

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