Your Shoes

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Little open mouths,

worn out tongues, dirty talkers,

they’ve been talking about you

when you’re not around,

how you’ve been

going this way and that,

scuffing them on street corners,

shuffling through the

warm streets at night

listening to voices from open windows.

Look how worn they’ve  become

these imprints of your time on earth

tired as old leather

like your bruised heart

made soft on a thousand defeats,

it’s won them a certain authenticity

that right now says you could

walk this road forever.

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Fri 2nd Jun 2017 03:02

It's all been said and I agree with everyone on this page. I am a new fan, having just discovered your writing today. Your authentic voice and gentle approach are memorable. Thank you. I've mentioned you on my blog today.

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Tom Harding

Thu 1st Jun 2017 19:31

Hi all, thanks all some very kind comments here.
Colin, great fan of Elvis so that's a nice comment😀

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Wed 31st May 2017 19:49

When I read your poems I see the badge of authenticity and a control of words to convey a defined imagery. I love the idea of shoes as companions with equal rights and personalities . A great concept.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 31st May 2017 15:34

You strum the heart strings with ideas of fine theme and words like music. You are a master artist.

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 31st May 2017 14:27

Love this Tom,

I have old shoes I love and cannot bring myself to throw away, maybe because its like giving up on cherished belief as you seem to be suggesting.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 31st May 2017 07:40

I'm never quite sure whether to mention that a poem reminds me of something else when the intention of the author is to write something original and in their own voice - which this so obviously does. But the way the first half particularly is written put me in mind of Elvis Costello and his punchy, short, staccato lyrics. I'm a great fan of his writing so I hope that's a compliment to you Tom as I very much enjoy your writing too. All the best, Colin.

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