A Sin Of Omission

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A woman who says she loves me

Doesn’t use the interrobang at the

End of my name  

My journey toward manhood / personhood

Includes finding an appropriate name to fit into

Maybe she doesn’t appreciate

I had to become my name to be a man

Nothing short of a sea change

Could have made me possible

People have trouble with my name

I’m not sure why

It’s American English

It’s not difficult to pronounce

The sounds don’t seem to go together

Until one puts them together

Americans like nicknames

Too many syllables are too much trouble

They’re lazy and often don’t regard the importance

Of what a person wants to be called

What they feel like calling you should be good enough

I find that disrespectful and won’t settle for it

In a world where I enjoy few privileges

Being called by my name doesn’t seem

Too much to ask

It befits a poet to become their name

To mean it like a word in a dictionary

There is none other: hash-tag say his name

Like it has meaning / singularity

How can it be she omitted the punctuation  

Without intending to   

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 28th May 2017 16:29

Terrific in concept, execution and intent. YES!

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