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Thousand Flasks: A world so racist

A thousand flasks,

residing in heaven's den,

engraved with white masks, 

with thousand souls of men.


A thousand plans,

with a particular thrill.

There are no forms to fill,

to join Ku Klux Klan.


Those thousand flasks,

contain soul of men,

who weren't white men,

killed by the white masks.


David Duke is one of those men,

Whose throne is that of dead black men.

The devil lurks besides him,

Like a wish granting Djinn.


While I fear and deny his practice,

some Americans chose his soulmate,

Donald Trump the Apprentice,

who is now president of hate.


Where are his taxes and where did it go,

Why did he come and when will he go.

While these question lurk my mind,

demonetization made my people all lined.

donald trumpdemonetization in Indiatax evasionku klux klanpresidentpotus

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