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Am I okay?

All the things I am looking

All the plans I am working

All the series I am roaming

Am I okay?
Am I really okay?

Cause I feel so drained
And feels to deep to walk away

Saving all my energy
Saving all the positive energy
But still giving up
And taking advantage of falling down

Falling behin...

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Now I know
What to do
Now I know
How to move

Alone to do
And nothing to prove
That I made so much mess
Incase you ask and interpret
All the things I have done
And all the things I haven't

All the things I should
But afraid to try

I know that I am weak
I know that I am freak
Too much intension
But not much attention
On the things I needed to 
And too much affection
On the pe...

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Happy in Ending

This is the day
The day I promised my self
Not to worry anymore
The day I've been waiting for

No more doubts 
No more question
Just this day that I wanted

Not going away is what I deed
But letting go is all you ask for
Not showing sign of giving up
But wanted me to give up

And now
This is the day
The day I never realized to be true
The day I never realized that will come by


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I never been true to others
Never been so honest to myself

Sometimes shows more than what I am 
Sometimes shows lesser than what I am
But never shows equal on what truly am I

Never been so disappointed on what I am
Just wanted to show others what I can

Not showing what you truly are is not being dishonest
It's just that you want privacy
Privacy that you can want what you wanted to b...

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Last Goodbye

For the sake
Of all smiles that fake
I will forgive
My self to grieve
To forget
Everything I meant
Then I will say
Good bye 
For the love that dies 

Everything I meant
Is what I really meant

And everything I show
Is everything I want to show

Sometimes a memory
Sometimes a history

Sometimes a melody
 That cannot be on rhythm 

Everything I realized
Is what you want me t...

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How can there be nothing?

How can you speak
If there's nothing to say

How can you hold on
If there's nothing to hold for?

How can you laugh
If there's nothing to be glad?

How can you feel love
If someone you love doesn't?

How can you live
If there's nothing to love?

Nothing to be sure of
Nothing to claim on
Nothing to stand on
Nothing to love for
Nothing at all

Yes love can burn you down
But lov...

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Last poem that I will right for you


This is the last
But I can't promise this would be great,
This is the last
But I can't promise it would last,

When I move on to you,
This would not exist
But for now,
This would be the last
But I can't promise not to love you even more,
But this would be the last,

No more goodbye,sorry,thank you, or everything,
Just the promise that this would be the last,
No more hello,hi,goo...

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The permanent thing in world
Is change
Change that no one ever wanted
Change that nothing goes by
Change that everything denies
Change that occupy thy self

No one wants a change 
if it's no good
No one wants to change
For worst
No one wants a change
For world

Failure, anger, sadness
The reason for changing your self
Happiness, joy, love
The reason no one wants a change

You ca...

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Shuttered love

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How can we be together?
If the world does not matter?

How can we be together?
If our love cant be forever

Yes, I love you
And you love me too

But we cant be together
Even we are lovers

It hurts so bad
But someones glad

Why can they be happy?
If it hurts to feel lonely

How can they be happy?
If they know we hurt too badly

Is it time to move on?
For the love that we had?


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How to say?

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How to say?
My love in sail

How to say?
My evening veil

How could I do?
Nothing for you

How could I do?
My fail love stood

How can I reach?
The sky in pitch

How can I reach?
The deep beach

Too many questions
Too many tension

Too many answer
Too many letter

All for one girl

Girl that I loved too much
That broke my heart in touch 

And now how can I say?
I st...

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Regret in all

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Regret in all

Too many ache
Too many stake
Too many sadness
All to make

Anger, fear
All in hear
Sadness, loneliness
Aiming still

Hard Work and passion
Getting initiation

Love and broke
Means broken heart

Shifting gears
Shaking off fears
How could I make
My biggest mistake?

Too fall in love
With someone already in loved

For someone who cares
But not in care

For ...

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Morning Sun

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Hide the tears
The sun is a wake
Fall it back
Until you ache
Forget everything
That makes you sad
Forget everything
A new beginning had come in

Last night was just a mess
But today is blessed
So forget the time
And make your self smile
Hide the sadness
Behind the door

Open up a new story
New story that you never told 
A new story
Where everything are glory
Not the past

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As time passess by

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As time passes by,
I wish you would be mine.
But then I guess,
I was just dreaming for the best.
Hoping time could heal the wound,
And the scars left in my heart.
Wishing it was you,
Who make me feel blu.

Talking and listening,
That's what I am doing.
But for now,
I want to say goodbye,
And hope someone make you smile.
Someone good to be true,
And never regret to loved you.

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