Paper Planet Spinner Kid

Common sense would dictate

That when a website uses the concept of pounds...

...I think they're pounds? Maybe?

Well, that should indicate the base of operations; Britan.

...United Kingdom...?

Maybe just.....generally European?


My knowledge of globes, that explain the world in quilted patches is small. I only recall that lines we're drawn with sticks at some point and declared 'This is my side of the room!'

Between I (and most likely) you, is what's known as a Sea.

The irony that I can't see you

Is not lost to me.

I'm red white and born in a cradle that promises futures of spaceships and prosperity

To a doll that can walk, and talk, and attempt to find work in this economy

State of the art.

But unfortunately this one seems to have that manufacturing error this whole New line of toys had

Where cords found themselves connecting to Ethernet ports. And DNA became opinions that were more than blind guesses based on propaganda sequined outlets.

A United Family under God, whose father claims the boogeyman hides

Outside the lines.

Walls are what keep us safe.

As if pulling the sheets over your head is how one overcomes the fear of the dark.

And so many listened to an unfortunate siren song, while the rest peered over the fence.

The neighbors.

We saw them, and we found humans.

Just other people.

So many big brothers and sisters that can't leave the house.

Too scared of what they yet to know, too clingy to what they do.

As if a step outside of the box will give them detention, they can't accept their F in ethics.

Report Card fever.

So despite what I wish, I let dad talk until he notices the paint on his face that he's unknowingly doused himself in.

And I fly paper airplanes over the un-seaing. And hope that wherever it lands, wherever pounds or whatever you call the squiggly money sign of your home....I hope you can understand.



I'm a kid. American born and raised.


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 1st Jun 2017 12:02

hello America! awesome poem Connor.Lot of lines we agree with.Fer sure! fer sure pard'ner.


P&S x

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