The Mayfly Dance

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The Mayfly Dance


It snowed on Christmas Eve

Nineteen Seventy Six

But that was later.


Earlier we had all met up

In our favourite student pub

Everyone under age and eager


The girls in cheesecloth shirts

And tight fitting Levis

The boys sporting long hair and moustaches


We didn’t look Seventeen

As we chose the jukebox plays

Of Zeppelin, Skynyrd and Quo.


You weren’t even on my radar

Far too beautiful for the likes of me

But we finished the night sat together


Beautiful in a way

That only seventies boys would understand

Like the blonde one in Abba


You asked me would I walk you home

And I couldn’t believe my luck

And rushed to answer “Yes”


Your lips were soft and open when we kissed

Transferring the unlawful taste

Of Vodka, Lime, Black Russians


And then it started to snow

And my senses were so alive

I felt each stinging prick of snowflakes on my skin


Our footsteps in the snow

Leading to her front door

And the offer of a coffee


Then I went home

And wondered at the newly whitewashed landscape

As though my heart had been reset


Back to school a fortnight later

And though she smiled and nodded

That was it – over in a Mayfly’s dance


Then – and only then

Did I realise your kisses

Were given cheaper than a taxi fare


It snowed on Christmas Eve

Nineteen Seventy Six

The night I grew much older

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<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 22nd May 2017 08:56

I like this lots Ian, especially the heart resetting line. However I do find the mayfly analogy somewhat out of context with the Christmas Eve setting although I understand why you have used it. I once walked a (future) girlfriend home on New Year's Eve and a shooting star briefly crossed the night sky. I wonder if something like that might be more fitting although on second thoughts it might make it a bit cheesy and Disneyfied. Not really a big criticism Ian, more me thinking out loud if you don't mind. All the best, Colin.

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Stu Buck

Sun 21st May 2017 21:37

wonderful stuff ian. full of memories, romance and the ultimate acknowledgement of defeat and lessons learnt. and so beautifully written, all tied in wonderfully with the title and the brief dalliance of the mayfly.

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Sonia Maria

Sun 21st May 2017 07:06

Ahhh this is beautiful... bitter sweet growing up!! Loved it!

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