She swims the deep blue,

chaos in her heart,

mind a bright spark,

words that shine a light afar.

A fire burning in her soul

as she does not yet know

she's already whole.


Deep as the deepest sea

the deep of her words

speaks to me.

Can't see the forest

for the trees

when I hear her read.


Her voice,

it does

such beautiful things

and I get lost

in the deep blue green

I imagine her eyes to be.


I'd swim the blue for you,

unattainable dream,

surreal yet so real,

intense and extraordinary,

perplexing and unique.


All or nothing it seems.


An evocative vision.

In wonderland I'm living.


I'm whatever I want to be

when I think of her.

I'm whatever I want to be

on any given day.

Whatever you need,

whenever you say,

I'm a dream, a fantasy,

surreal beyond belief.

I'm here and I'm there

and I'm somewhere in between


I see you

and I feel you too

in my deepest blue

I feel you

right through.


True blue chaos,

a light, a spark


my electric heart.

I feel you,

I smile inside

as the fog clears

within my mind

and one sees sunlight

beaming beautiful

through stark trees

just right

so as to create sunspots

in my eyes.


I was blind,

obsolete unique.

Now I see,

now I am free.


These are the words

that I give to thee.




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Susan Greene

Sat 6th May 2017 13:42


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