Housewives, Magic Circles, and Poetic Gimmicks.

Quirky, by all means

is such

a fucking awful word

that was most likely 

made by

Housewife Culture.

Something to describe those that fell outside

of the 

circle of Baseball Caps and Poodle Skirts

while still finding themselves

safe in their presence.

But now

It has been adopted

by underage



Parents who use it to describe

things that wish they could be

outside of the circle

things that could

but won't

so they let desperation ooze from their tear ducts.

And perhaps long titles to ameteur poems

will be called quirky.

To call them that, would be in essence


But perhaps

the intention behind that mistake



Purpose is hard to find.

Harder to form from word bubbles.

Is something like a rambling name

that consumes adjectives with popcorn and butter

used for meaning

or to be distinguishable.

So questions a kid

who finds quirky to be something akin

to bad acupuncture.

So questions a kid

who draws

metaphors that simply claim the title.


QuirkyMeMyselfKidBadBad poetryConnor Lannes

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<Deleted User> (6895)

Fri 12th May 2017 22:01

is it ok if two original quirkies applaud this Connor?

yeah quirky-tas indeed got one and a half foot in the grave -defo!


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