No Place For Angels

No Place For Angels



     We believed,

We thought nothing could stop

‘Our’ evolution,

     Would even go to

War to settle difference of


     But, we’re no different

Now than thousands upon

Thousands of blind years,

     For we’re still singing war songs

And frightening the babes

So distraught as shells fall

And Martyrs scream battle cries,

And unbeknown to all,

Be the perfect human we are.


     Follow this - follow that,

Do not strive to form your

Own opinions as experts are


     But, experts in only

Knowing the weakness we have



     Follow the evangelist,

Follow the religious zealots,

Follow the self-serving politician -

Follow the bigots racists and ‘snack’

Upon the flesh of the young

For they don’t ‘really’ mean anything

To you,

     Not while you’re propagating

The grandiosity of someone else’s

Dreams of control,


     This mechanism for life

Is failing, for we are now the

Breeding ground for ancient ideas,

No new understandings,

     We are beaten like the Human

Gasping for air in chambers of death,

The pile of bodies beneath stretching

For the tiny orifice of light above -

We place so much hope in,

     But the air is toxic with

The soundwaves of Despots

And Dictators that will not allow

Freedoms upon our heart and soul,

     And it is century upon century -

The same,

     The same human wondering

Why when the bullet breaks the skin.


     New Gods!

We have new Gods

Upon us uttering reference

To old ideas, and the new Gods

Know the psychology of playing

To those still with hope and innocence,

     Like taking candy from

A child, they’ll have your belief

In the palm of their hands

As you look for guidance in a World

Of horror;

     The plague of denial continuing

As you cast your worship to this,

Then cry lonely for the knowing

‘All’ is and are; charades.


     There is nothing

You can do while playing

Their game, while buying

The ticket you feel gives status

To your existence,

     For as long as you play,

Be as long as they rule.


Michael J Waite 28th May 2017.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 30th May 2017 14:43

Some strong thoughts and valid conclusions in this.

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Martin Elder

Mon 29th May 2017 09:52

Wow this is a really strong poem. I can feel the conviction coming out as I read it. I particularly love the line

Follow the bigots racists and ‘snack’
Upon the flesh of the young

Fabulous poem

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