None of You Truly Know

None of You Truly Know.


     ‘They’ say they admire me, for holding back

On my fists, then taking a beating

For the mercy I give.

And oh to be in England during

The summer don’t mean a shit,

Unless shared with a Zulu

You’ve married and had kids.

And she’d tear you an arsehole if

You question her ‘Id.’

I know full fucking on, with the scars

She has give.

But I’ll never retaliate to the most

Worthy of wife, for she has cared

And changed diapers, for veterans now dead.

And while many a bland English Rose,

Seeks only status and power,

The Zulu before me,

Married a man they named coward.

So pick a fight if you will,

But beware of my wife,

She’ll tear you a new arsehole,

And smile at your kill,

But if lo and behold,

You conjure the dominant role,

I’ll rip your head off your body,

And shit down your neck.



Another Summer of Hate.

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Stu Buck

Fri 26th May 2017 11:05

excellent. pitch black humour and savage wordplay.

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