Simon Bette's Cry of the Lost Lamb

On thy knees

Prays the lost lamb, reborn anew.

A young man of God with white 'round his collar.

Often he looks to the father

I look to the father

And I pray for more fun.

A son of God must have more to do, anything more interesting

The population of this city churns

Wishing that they could be more than what they are now

The lambs cry as I once did

I must not recall

What came before, the fruit of knowledge best not tempt me

Eden is here, and I cannot defy

Its coming

N o w





I was just a bored kid

That wanted something more to do

And I just made a funny video

Then it got viral and people just wanted more so I did it.

It was fun for awhile


It kept going faster.

I needed to be optimal, and even then

I couldn't breathe in the spammers that choked my voice

They wanted more

There was no time for sleep

And somehow on a live stream

I let them see

The bandages around my arms and uttered

"I've been cutting"


A good boy need only redemption yes?

So back to church I went

To lead a congregation I need only slip a collar 'round my neck.

And no one will know


"Yeah, I was trespassing."


My arms feel wet.

The sacrifice of a lamb, will perhaps

Appease our father

Perhaps I will be forgiven for all I've done

If I continue to pray to God.

But I'm not moving onto the next world.





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