Give Me An Original Metaphor

Explanations of what I mean

When I ask for the new

The New



Tend to...fall flat.

I understand there's only so many 

Dictionaries ripped together

Dictions I can scavage through

Concepts that equate your thoughts.

But even then I still find

Melted hearts and emotional roller coasters

Haphazardly tossed into lines that should add up to better use.

And I think this game that I'm playing

Is maybe not

What everyone else is?

Everyone Else 


Everyone ELSE 

Tone of thought. Weaving a plot. Standing with opinion.

Juggling concepts into uncommon use, was a clown's gag I thought everyone was testing.

But this, what you're reading, the creation of poetry.

Is perhaps more acustom to a travelling circus.

Or a dirty carnival.

I'm only here because this is what gives me refreshment.

From Isolation. From Starvation. From Deprication.

I want new thoughts

Give me new metaphors.

New Metaphors

NEW Metaphors



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 30th May 2017 14:23

I'll try. I'll really try. Excellent piece of work this, funny and challenging both.

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