I thought I'd be an orchardist

They all say "Fresh is the Best"

So I bought myself two acres

In the Heart of South.


I planted watermelons

And lots of other stuff

And me of the impatient Kind

They went in rather rough.


I thought then if I worked real hard

One day I could relax

And being primary producer,

Well - it would cut down on my tax.


My avocados got the root-rot,

You've heard of it no doubt.

The D.P.I bloke came and said

" You'll have to pull e'm out."


So I hooked on with my tractor

And a heavy snigging chain

I pulled the lot out - roots and all,

Then started of again.


This time I planted lychees

They all said " They're the go,

All you do is pop e'm in 

Then sit back and watch 'em grow."


So I stood back and watched 'em grow

The hardest part was done -

But a funny bug thing came along

And stung them one by one.


The fig birds ate my figs by day

I felt broke and bereft.

That night Fred Flying Fox, he came

And clean up what was left.


I had to spray my peaches,

I did a first class job.

That night Fred Flying Fox returned,

This time he brought the Mob.


My nectarines,they fruited well,

I was pleased with the cop i got.

Until the local kids found out,

One night they picked the lot.


White cockatoos ate my pecan nuts,

I could hear them having fun.

And when I went and checked the tree

They'd cracked open every one.


Now I've suffered all these set - backs,

Taken all that I can cop.

Now when i want a bag of fruit,

I buy it from the SHOP."





Big Sal

Sat 9th Jun 2018 00:17

Excellent title and way to frame your poem. Nicely done!👍

Profile image

Jonalyn Cajefe

Sat 20th May 2017 12:05

Thank you...

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 20th May 2017 07:29

I very much like the idea behind this poem. WoL has a good number of writers from around the world and for me it is particularly gratifying when they post something that reflects their surroundings in some way.

We can all write about love and death, happy and sad emotions etc but it's another thing to look out the window at the world around us and convey that to someone in a different country. So thanks for your fruity Southern poem. Colin.

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