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Selfie Culture is Just Culture You Stupid Fucking Baby Boomer.




Finds itself


Position of outward facades, and inward necessities​​​​

Construction having 








from self portraits


meeting at selfies

​​Humble is ideal​​​​

Self Pride is ideal

They both need be

B a l a n c e d

No toppiling-

Spilled milk

Online photos of yourself

Burn The WITCH

A need for the time of day

From others?

From themselves?

Ego's grow 

Only when nurtured 







beautyConnor Lannesegointernetloveself congratulationselfie

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Tue 23rd May 2017 09:21

Well Colin, as an Illustrator I like exploring how to visually explain the meanings of lines. How font size and capitalization can effect how we read and interpret the words.

The truth is, the poem is more talking about how calling 'Selfie culture' indulgent and self absorbed is stupid. Society has always had a concept of self portraits, and self photography, and how as a society we have a sick expectation that people both have self pride, but also be humble.

I do think that I need to evaluate how I use formatting from now on, and compare how the poem reads In the highly formatted version vs. the plainly written one.

Thank you for your critique!

<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 23rd May 2017 08:54

Laura - my son is picking up extra dosh taking photos of punters in Swansea nightclubs which are then posted on the club's website for publicity - look how everyone's having so much fun / our club is the best / blah blah blah! I'm not sure much dancing happens tho - the punters are too busy taking photos of themselves or having photos taken of them.

Connor, the structure of this I guess is meant to emphasise the self-indulgent nature of the selfie culture? But I'm not sure whether in so doing it merely ends up pandering to it and becoming all part of the same narrative so to speak. I wonder if it would have just the same impact written out in plain old Times New Roman. Just a thought. I'm all for exploration and experimentation btw. Cheers, Col

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Laura Taylor

Mon 22nd May 2017 12:00

Typo alert Connor - two M's in stemmed.

Interesting structure though, I do like how you've played about with the text.

Selfie culture was conducted in railway station photobooths back in my day ?

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Sun 21st May 2017 03:55

Thanks for the comment Pintor! I really love exploring the visual language of type, so this was an experiment in that.


Sun 21st May 2017 03:49

It's rather an oddity that one generation is unable to perceive how the next is only an outgrowth of itself..


btw..the editing is stimulating and notably creative

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