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We could run

She’s back, back from the worries and woes

Back to her laughs and chuckles 

And we’ve gone back, back to our first days

Camden Palace no more

I should Koko you can now say

Beth Ditto on a Monday night whatever next

Rolling back the years

Yes I’ve got my little girl back

Shorter hair, but not short of love and laughter

Swaying and singing at the top of our voices

Eyes ...

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Beth DittoHappinesslaughterrunrunningsinging

Running Power


I feel



Heart whipping the veins

Legs pounding

Lungs heaving

Breath chugging

Muscles relieving

And I'm accelarating faster

And faster

And faster

Till I beat the wind

My legs a blur


My legs will tire

But my spirit flies


And free

Like the wind

With a whoosh



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Running Away

Running Away

Raindrops of horrible memories
Under a cloud of sadness 
Constant waves of despair
Have more than taken me away

Haunting voices inside of floating paper bags
Scream at the sky of grey
Another wave of unhappiness
Has washed away parts of me

The lessons I learned
I forgot within a blink of an eye
Now I’m back where I was before
Not sure which direction I should go

Say a pra...

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Yet Still I Run

How many times can one person be reinvented

I have run from myself so many times

I have fled from who I am

in order to be someone better

But always I fall short

Always I fail

Always I become someone changed but still the same

Always I leave behind the good

And carry with me the bad

I flee from the things I hate

Like a bat out of hell

I try to outrun the parts of my...

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betterchangechangingfailureparts of myselfreinventedreinvention of selfrunrunningselftrying to be better

Im Gonna Go Until Im Not

Who the fuck could run a marathon?


What kind of psychopath does it take to remain in physical motion for so long?


My limbs have never been as strong as the rest,


As far as endurance is concerned.


I can lift




But the idea of a marathon is bullshit to me.


We run because we must.


Limits are fun to break


But some leave no v...

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Chapter 15: Goodbye Is The Hardest Word

What if I just ran away 
Would you even care to look for me? 
It’s not like it would matter anyway 
It wouldn't change the feelings inside.

Sometimes the things I say 
Are just to push you far away 
It’s like I don't care for you 
I'm just better off alone.

Running away from your love 
Saying goodbye in a rusty letter 
The tears from my words will explain 
Because it is so hard for me t...

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Above, Beyond

The morning, crisp and broken by the curfew
Of rising larks and pigeons in the choir,
Its breaching sun is bursting through the grass dew
And thinning out the misty dawn's perspire.
Many rest upon their linen sheets around
And you, the only currently arise,
Solo is your ally when breaking the ground;
Undistracted, undisturbed - your alibis.

Your muscles twitch uncertain of their purpose,
Or whether purpo...

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Running Man


Quickly pitting his wit

against an enemy

he reaches for his gun

the barrel is empty

the chamber clicks echo


Staggered staggering speed

as they close in he thinks

again which way to run

the white sedated walls

scream fear, shrinking backwards


A thorn through a window

whisperingly draws blood

as it strokes his cheek

reminding t...

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