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Chevaux de Freeze

Pam's very nice so far as she goes

The kind of looks I usually admire

A few quid in the bank is a help

Yet she doesn't set my heart on fire


Nancy on the other hand is poor

She's no Monroe or Lana Turner

More a down-market Bette Davis

A plain Jane, and a bit of a yearner


Just how do you weigh up women?

What should go into the scales?

Why can't I be spontaneou...

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chevaux de frisedefencesinhibitionsintimacyrejectionspontaneoustherapy

Love that transcends rejection

After I lost you,
If I stop
You to adore
Or begin you to abhor,
I never loved
You before.

Even if I am aware
You are no longer mine
I will take that fine.
Exchanging with you
A greeting
By itself is a
Nice thing.

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Away from me

Fall on the way side in the afternoon.


I sob now besides the hollow tree,

The oak,



Your darkened hair recedes into the heavy mist,

Your eyebrows sliver into scattered sunbeams.


Away from me.


Lost in the bitter goodnight,

Hollow in acknowledgment,

The dirt moist from the heavy rain before it.


The image of you flakes,

In my mind,


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She's Shy

entry picture

{She's Shy} 



She's always been shy 

She's always

been tossed away

because of her


She's always

been hiding from

the surrounding

world around her

because of shyness 

She's always been

unseen, unnoticed,

unheard of because

 of bad case of


She wishes that

her shyness would

disappear one day

so she will be adored


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fearfear of rejectionhurtlifelivingpainspoempoetryrejectionsadnessshynessstoriesthinkingthoughtsTina Glover

Listening to Airship: This is hell

As the illusion shatters around me

As the dust melts away into reality, I realise

I realise like everytime before, this wasn't real 


Everything you said to me wasn't real 

Everything I felt was real

Every moment we shared I managed to translate incorrectly 

Each look misjudged 

Each smirk misread 

Each nudge misinterpretated 


'I never liked you' 

'I never li...

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Written whilst listening to Sam Smith: I'm not the only one

I can smell her on you
I can see her in the wrinkles of your shirt
I can feel her on your skin 

I want you to love me like her
I want you to look at me like that
I want you to feel that way about me

You don't love me
You don't see me
You don't want me 

You say I am too much
You say I am not enough
You say I am not her

We won't work
We don't belong together
We aren't anything


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Second best

I'm tired of being second best 

I'm tired of being the one the world rejects

The husband wanted more so he went with the bridesmaid 

& even back in primary I never got picked for the school play


Second best is a journey of progression 

Always so close to the prize but then comes life's hard lessons 

It seems no matter how much you want it and no matter how hard you try 


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to return to that place, I say not, but only

to find what was once lost

to fix the broken part of me..broken

to make what never was

to pull down the shade screens formed

to blind the penitent to newly ordered crimes

and forever fix this rift between the fixers and I.

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A flower
Caught in the muddy waters of life
Spiralling in a whirlpool of tenacity
Plucked and discarded
To continue its journey alone  

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flowergetting strongerjourneyrejection

The end of the chase

I'm a pure example of what happens
When you chase something that's not chasing back
Maybe I didn't get the hint

Maybe I didn't see the picture
That me and you were just a silly fairy tale of mine.

I should have kept my mouth closed
Hold these sweet words behind my tongue
Let the poison sink in
And let the words kill me from within.

But of course I didn't
I had to take a chance
Ignore ...

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rejectionunrequited love

Recovery set back

Had a bad dream last night.
Our eyes met,
from you a half-smile, then
we joshed and jostled for a while,
a chaste but tender intimacy,
dissolved into nothing
by the cold night, and
with the soft snoring beside me
came back the bitter memory
of that final cruel put down.

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Natural Selection

entry picture

Natural Selection




I look at them

they look at me

through glassy eyes

that never see

we’ve shared this carriage

many years

never sharing

hopes or fears

I swiftly pass

the guarded gate

and check my watch

in case I’m late

despite producing

dog-eared ticket

the blank faced guardsman

doesn’t click it

I side ...

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dashed enthusiasmdepressioninterviewjob selectionrejectiontrain travel

The Cause Celebre

entry picture

The Cause Celebre.


I felt it was fait accompli

that I would make a faux pas.

There would be something I didn’t see

and I would become her bête noire.

But I thought - Oh well – c’est la vie,

I had missed that je ne sais quoi

 ‘You never talk French to me!”

- her barbed coup de grace.

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cause celebrefrenchlanguage of loveloverejection

Black Widow

entry picture



The air is chilled,

the night has eyes

that watch the lovers

in the shadows.


in sinful eyes,

that hold the fear

where no-one goes.

A prowling man-trap,

scented breath,


to hold her own

in crowded rooms

that smell of death,

when you're singled out

and on your own.


Black Widow comes


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black widowdesperationfalse hoperejectionspidervamp

I am not your cup of tea!



I may not be

your cup of tea

but I am your

bottle of rum --

most definitely...

so ease up that grip:

Stop strangling my neck.   


Let My liquid conflagration

scorch your lying condescension 

again and again and again.... without fail.   


If you but remember to be true  

to what lurks deep within you

I will assail your do...

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Too Bad the World Doesn't Revolve Around Me?

So...What is it today ?

Who's next?

Will you accept me or reject me?

Nobody truly wants me for the form of existence that I am

I know I am not perfect

I have feelings

How does one live without these things?

Is it wrong for me to want what I cannot have?

I am only human

I am probably so human that I allow my own vulnerabilities transform me into an abomination


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Waiting For A Star To Fall

entry picture


Diamonds strewn across black velvet sky

Starfish scattered along the shore

Star shaped maple leaves flutter and fly

Star flakes of snow in the winter's roar

I miss you so much wherever you are

All I ever wanted was to be your




Photography by Lisa Milligan




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Going, going, gone.

entry picture

Through the corner of my eye

I can see it all falling apart

it's entirely his call

yet it seems it was on the cards

right from the very start

it's like I'm staring through a window that

I can't get in,

her lips touch his, her hand on his skin

I want to beg them to stop

except neither can hear me

the sight chills me to the bone but

as long as he's nea...

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