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Outside of Herself

"Find yourself"

You can misplace your mind


You can't forfeit your mind

When you've built a fort for your mind

Mine is bulletproof,



In here

I can stay outside of myself

I can step outside of the world



I watched us having a conversation

From my window panes

Through the heavy glaze

It made me feel some type...

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anxietybeing a personbeing humanconformitydepressiondissociateemptinessemptyexpectationsfailurefind yourselfforthermitmindnumbparanoiaself protectionsocialsocial awkwardnessstrugglesupressed

Please don’t make yourself at home


I caught a star 

With my burning fist

And left my handprint on it

I crash-landed on the clouds 

I bounced back

Bounced back I

Shot a star with my mouth

I juggled Pluto

I breathed on Neptune

I grew a farm on Saturn

I named all the planets that

I was first to visit

Pierced them with flags of my face

Stamped them with my fingerprints

I was the fi...

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achievementambitioncomfort zoneconformitydreamexpectationfreedomhappinessimpossibleindividualinspirationLibertylimitlessmotivationpathpressuresuccesswish

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