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Dethronement Haiku

Nothing did I swear.

Silence never so golden.

Kept my own counsell.


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3 x more haiku about Change

Leaving you behind
your words fall between the lines
distant memories.


The past is a dream
rolling backwards before then
pushing us forward. 


Dreams of the past flow,
Backward rolling streams of thought,
Driving us ahead.

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haikuhaiku sequencechange

Three Haiku on Change

Faded migration 
The deserted church is closed
Disappeared slowly


Made up friendships
faded now, their story told
leaving your childhood


The passing of time 
the world moves on every day
losing memories

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3 x haikus about Lost Socks


Found in my drawer
A reminder of lost love,
Worn and full of holes.


Forgotten and worn,
A sock without its pair mourns,
Like love that is gone.


Drawer now empty 
that once held both of our socks,
Now holds only dust.

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Haiku in Bloom 2023 Parts 1 and 2


Spaced in the silence
birds land on top of the trees
welcoming spring back


Opening the gate; 
The grass is already moist.
Spring is here early.



(For #NaPoWriMo - National Poetry Writing Month 2023 - I am writing at least a haiku day set in Nature as many as I can in Shepley Woods near where we live with photographs to go alongside them.

The complete archive ...

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HaikuHaiku SequenceNaPoWriMo

Snowdrops 俳句


Snowdrops nudging their way up.

Almost the New Moon.


The text I've used in my post is called Old English Script.

I used photoshop to produce the text and images.

The purpose of calligraphic art is not primarily legibility, but artistic expression.

I've imitated the traditional form of Japanese Haiku.

For example: https://en.wi...

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SnowdropsHaikuNew MooncalligraphyOld English

Haiku (Sunday afternoon)

re-reading a book

for a Podcast later on.

making lots of notes.

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Late Night Memories

I remember you, 

And recall what life was like.

Is this all I've got?


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Ill health Haiku

new year illnesses;
coughing into the darkness
hope it passes soon.

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Global Warming Haiku 37

old piano keys;
crumbling in our fingers. 
coastline vanishes


(From a currently untitled forthcoming book which may also have a cowriter too)


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haikuglobal warming

A 俳 句 for you, Ku.

Hi Ku-here it is,

A new year from me to you,

Well-seasoned with love!

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Haikunew yearlove

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