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Great Expectations

My expectations are high

I want to find a love that will lift me to the sky

I’ve got this crazy idea in my mind

You’ll be the love I’ve been hoping to find

but you’re just a guy

destined to make mistakes


We give and we take

along the way

We hope for something more

but this is all we’ve got

I’m just a girl

and you’re just a guy

We’re both hoping for a love t...

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Outside of Herself

"Find yourself"

You can misplace your mind


You can't forfeit your mind

When you've built a fort for your mind

Mine is bulletproof,



In here

I can stay outside of myself

I can step outside of the world



I watched us having a conversation

From my window panes

Through the heavy glaze

It made me feel some type...

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The Girl Who Cried Wolf

I thought I had changed

I thought I was better

I thought I beat it

I thought I fixed it


But here I stand

Trying to be tall

Knowing I am so small

The world pressing down


I’m scared again

Swore I never would be

And no one likes it

No one wants to hear it


So keep it hush

Keep it low

Don’t want to be

The girl who cried wolf


But until ...

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Saint Christopher Bell

"... any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee...

— John Donne, Meditation XVII.


Saint Christopher Bell


We seem to be collectors

of memories and junk,

piles of the stuff;

both kinds lean against damp walls

in self-support, waiting

for purpose,

finding little but ...

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