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Fallen angel

Hidden behind the corpulent clouds
sat all forlorn a fallen angel
Tears in her eyes, and a heavy heart
she stared down to the sphere below.

"I have hurt the ones I love.
Let me be cast down to hell
where I am best suited for dying
and the dead"

Poking her head up from behind her misery
she gazed on this shadowed vision.
Reflecting on piercing her thoughts
with a sharp wit and laden ...

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Just like a flower

our love 

blooms in the summer

and dies in the winter.

With nothing but memories left to show

what once stood tall,

has now


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In the name of God and Satan

(I'm aware this is a controversial poem and I hope not to offend anyone but I make no conclusions, I only ask questions)

The nature was deteriorating.
The sky was falling down,
raining pieces of ashy soot,
crashing and burning
and you weren't there.
Why weren't you there?
The birds squawked and screeched
and in-between their cries were mine, calling
and I was reaching out to you.
I ask...

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Retribution (From My Beautiful Lie)

(This poem is the second part to my previous poem 'My Beautiful Lie' http://www.writeoutloud.net/public/blogentry.php?blogentryid=36793)


The lie I created I hid far behind,
Blind - vacuous and vapid, my rapid descent
Into madness was sealed, with gladness
The concealed face of my own lot was lost
And the cost of this deception was total,
Brutal at the very point of inception...

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Fallen warriors of all nations, now only bones and memories, I remember you.

In your hour of need you became great for a moment, doing your duty for a higher power, you, just mere men.

Being asked to do the unthinkable, to kill or be killed in the glaring cauldron of battle.

I will never know what it was like, to be good or bad, to be in battle. All ...

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November (Golden fallen)

And so as nothing leads to nothing

and your weary eyes

leaves turn golden then they fall

grasping for the past


An old tramp in the corner

monument of life

you used to own the whole world too

benches for thrones, friends to trust


All is gone yet you still live

bursting with sweet love


Love of golden fallen leaves

- that is what you've...

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