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Chains In Your Eyes

women always a problem

never knew my own mind

happy to get what I could

you the best I could find


chains rattle in your eyes

I'm drowning in your malice

fate led me to your clutches

drink this poisoned chalice


you left me black and blue

sub-human and perplexed

wondering where you were

what punch coming next


little self-esteem to begin

you turne...

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Outside of Herself

"Find yourself"

You can misplace your mind


You can't forfeit your mind

When you've built a fort for your mind

Mine is bulletproof,



In here

I can stay outside of myself

I can step outside of the world



I watched us having a conversation

From my window panes

Through the heavy glaze

It made me feel some type...

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paranoiaanxietybeing a personbeing humanconformitydepressiondissociateemptinessemptyexpectationsfailurefind yourselffortmindnumbsocialsocial awkwardnessstrugglesupressedhermitself protection

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