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Lizard Love

amid starlight she reposes

my life's in her lizard face

that library of dusty looks

records my fall from grace


she took the best from me

sucking me dry every day

each wrinkle taunting me

dry pointers to my decay


I pray she does not wake

no pity runs in my veins

but violation at the sight

of what sleep she feigns


she's a monument to loss


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The Loss Of Those Who Haven't Died

They say hope is such a wonderful thing
Keeps us strong against anything
But be careful what you hope for
Or it will do you in.

So many times I thought I understood
Who people were, and what was good
Only to find, what's left behind
Is broken dreams.

And they say grief is a natural thing
As we get used to what's missing
And find out how to do without
What we used to need.

But the...

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A Love Song (forever)

A Love Song



There was a time

When love defined 

All of the things 

life could show


So undermined 

By routine & time 

Upon our own tide 

we ebb and we flow 


A fork in the road

A different abode 

What would these old eyes

Of mine now see? 


Perhaps without love

Perhaps then I could

Get over how much

You mean to me 


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I Can See Her

I can see her running through the grass,

Holding her sisters hand,

I can see her.

No one else can.

I can hear her laughing at the wind,

Singing and dancing with her twin,

No one else can.

Each time I watch one,

I see her too.

When one walks into the room,

I see her come in too.

No one else can.

I know why I see her.

I know why I hear her.

What I don't know...

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