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I should have rung him

shared his decline

knowing he was dying


but I had problems too

don't we all?


we went back years

he liked a smoke, a drink

so natural at the bar

but we lost touch and he moved on

don't we all?


            I should have rung him


but it's too late I guess

now that he's passed away

but nobody's perfect after all.



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Also by ray pool:



Like rotting fruit

I found her

Hanging from the tree

The note she left us

Simply read

‘This life is not for me’

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Also by Stuart Buck:

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in the orchard

What if....

I once thought,

that I was the only human left on this planet,

rest all seemed robots to me.

As if they had no emotions and no life.


I had fear for my life,

even when new diseases were invented around me,

I thought I was the only human,

may be because I felt the pain of others, more than many.


I once told my childhood friend of what I felt,

He flew down from th...

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International Exiles

Of course they are not 
Simulating terror 
Crossing the border
From one country to the next 

Vibrating in fear 
through rain
and gunfire 
criss-crossing into brutal rhythms
across a gutted reflection

choking on echoes 

screaming walkways 

Choosing to sleep in the freezing air
looking at the camera
stone eyed 

Pursuing hope
before their lives ebbed into pieces. 

(For tho...

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Also by Andy N:

Write Out Loud Stockport @ Stockport Art Gallery - Enchantment | The Return of Twaiku |

Aliens In Transit

Aliens In Transit

My split end hair trips the light fantastic as

it freefalls down and around your nowhere

empty heart shaped hole. Winds of nutmeg

histories so similar as to add whimsy

to the turmoil of lust, build walls of solitude


…..Your contraband choices,

     my suburban unset jam,

     our firebird distractions…..


The train is at the station where choic...

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On The Slag Heap

entry picture

On The Slag Heap


Quenching the eternal flame,

the furnaces won’t burn again,

the northern dragons will lay still -

the Government has had its fill.


At its heart a molten core

that will implode and beat no more.

The mill will close, the light will die

and in the dark the ghosts will cry.


The workers will go home to bed

not knowing if their family’s fed


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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Black Spire |

closurefailureindustryredcarsteel work





     It isn’t just paranoia,

It becomes more than that the moment

Your ravings and ramblings become true

And it’s so powerful,

     So powerful the term intuition

Be only a slight at what it is,

For it is to many

A cliché written by others

With a hint of the macabre,

     For the struggle for recognition

For what you know - be more

Than fiction c...

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Also by Noetic-fret!:

Liar Liar | The Unreported Crime | The Silence of The Natural | The Last Aurora | An Interrogative | Internalizations of the External | It Takes Courage | The Haunt |

Flutter Kicks

The first time I felt my baby kick,

It was nothing like they said.

It didn’t feel like butterflies, or

A quickening within.

It felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

It felt like my entire life would never be the same.

And it felt like the love of my life

Had just tapped on my shoulder

And whispered “I’m here”.

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Also by Alycia Gonzales:

He's Not like the Others |

The headlines read in my nightmares
In my dreams 
My fear for you 
Slowly grows
The look in your eyes
Sound of your voice
A text A picture A call
There's a word 
A look
  A laugh
     A whisper
The feelings grow 
Ever so slow 
My fear for you 
A look 
  A laugh 
     A whisper 
Don’t let that be the last of you

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A sad little station

on the Hampton Court line,

the place where the fast

slowed down for Surbiton.

It overlooked a sewage farm

we’d cycle past, a short cut.

Lower Marsh Lane

more or less summed it up.


Sad? Not for us.

John and I would trainspot there,

watching the Merchant Navys

and Battle of Britains

round the bend and thunder

towards us, while listenin...

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vultures are good people with bad intentions (9/28/2015)

Man makes opportunity
Bleach boned gratuity
picking teeth in the blazing sun of ages
the weak are meat, 
So the strong say as they eat
Atria strained and skein stretched, 
bursting by design
this high tides earth inheritance
for the meek, the malign
those porous, jealous strangers
familiar high noon encounters
of a stilted, different kind
a familiar so close its alien
suspicions of an...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

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vultures are good people with bad intentions

Hidden In Plain Sight

They move silently amongst us

Their cards held close to their chest

Never letting down their guard

These full-time sexual pests


They have no redeeming features

Nothing extraordinary, to be fair

No sign of a dirty mac

No slicked back greasy hair


They blend in to the background

Sit quietly in the park

Waiting for that moment

Early evening, just before dark


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Fourtunately it resussicates

entry picture

As mother nature's
Punitive measure
Against a society
In maintaining
The statuesque
That doesn't bother,
Our rivers
Had become subject
To a water thirst,
To the extent
Of projecting
Rocky ribs
Terrifyingly protruded out
For easy count!

But now thanks to
The all-out,terrace
And reafforestation effort
Of each catchment
Farmers have made a point
And also  to the afforestation

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

The Clamour Of The Silence | A corner | A Shock Treatment | A Broken Heart Suffices | A Hell Turned Paradise |

#change #trees #erosion #climate #deforest


As the days get warmer, I keep getting colder. Lost the inner motivation to feel confident and bold. Pondering if I'm destined to be old and alone. With a world full of so many people, how could I feel so alone? And with a world full of oxygen, how am I struggling to breath? It's a broken world, and people want to continue to step on the pieces. These scars represent my pain, they are my tattoos f...

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Also by Kody:

Home | Insomnia | Deep issues within |


entry picture

(A Personal Recollection)


I well recall some years ago

Before I had a car and so

I’d caught the bus to go to town

I paid my fare and then sat down;

A woman was sat next to me

(I paid no mind and nor did she);

And so in silence on our way

We journeyed, till I heard her say

“If you don’t eat up” she began,

“I’ll give it to this nice young man”;

I glanced and saw...

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Also by John Coopey:


"Ignore the unfounded

rumours of pus-

in your milk

and other stuff

which are also

quite scary, "

said the white coated chap

with the clipboard and cap

and the man who's in charge

of the dairy.

words and foto Tommy Carroll

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

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Formative Years

I guess it all comes from

losing my virginity

on a cliff edge.

Another mans photo in my purse.


© Katypoetess 2015

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Katypoetesslovelove poetry

Leave Me Alone

Just leave me alone I can’t tell your intentions

Resentment full of contentment and affliction

Tell me why you deserve my attention

I hand it out without asking my heart permission

Leading it to future stitching

Less it be without you leave me with

Every time you tell me this

“I want you”

Three words

That turn

The world inside out, upside down, right side up, and back...

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Also by Xaycred:

I'm Sry | But A Moment | Butterfly Mind |

The Possibilities

That day by the tree; with no one within sight; the sun cutting through the leaves and the sound of water close by. The way your hand felt in mine; how your kiss felt on my neck....These are the things that keep me hanging on to the belief that anything is possible; even love and all that comes with it. 

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Also by Katherine Carvotta:

Naked Soul |

love makingnaturesex


For the living grief is such relief

The dead don't care cos they're not there.

But they might ask in retrospect,

To be excused from cruel neglect.

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Love of Chips

I love eating them
With brown sauce
And red sauce
At the same time.

I love eating them
With mustard
As well as a good splashing 
Of beetroot
And gravy on-top. 

I love eating them
In Custard
Jelly and ice cream
Although of course 
Not at the same time.

I love eating them
In my living room
My kitchen
And on my stairs. 

I love eating them 
While brushing my teeth.

I love...

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Also by Gray Nicholls:

Your Best Friend |

Then and Now

My head was full of empty thoughts that rattled ‘tween my ears.

My heart was full of jumbled clots of emotion that fueled tears.

My hands were cold and weak, but they still pushed away my fears.

But what was there to fight when I was the only one that was here?


I used to say I’d rather numb myself instead of feel.

I used to let illusion take the spot of what was real.


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Also by Eris:

Dark Matters |


I see you

I hear you

I feel you

Is what you tell me 


I keep explaining

Keep excusing 

Keep blaming myself


Don't tell me you understand


- nicoline 

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feelingPoempoetrythoughtsunknown feeling

Crony of Cronos

Questions hexed by doubt, demons amphetamized aloud.

Sunlight gleams a brain forest virtue while

glow gods meditate odds for monsters.


Powdered lungs blossom the petalled smoke of midnight.

And far beyond the hour of whenever

as long lost photos become hideuous ghosts

of yourself at better times, before the blues and greens.


Sometimes, before is far too ahead of its ...

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What I am not

Painting Present
Begetting future
Unafraid of
Wanton winds
Charcoaling my name
on blues
I scrawl myself
Books and Bikes
Songs and snaps
Love to do’s
Aims and Ambitions
Beguiling goals
Undaunted; those ways
I walk myself
Not I would wait
A rescue-prince
Exit the entrapment
Shouldering his lows
Celebrating vows
I give myself

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Also by Juhi Gupte:

I write for HIM | Thoughtless |

Secondhand Merchandise

entry picture

You want a bit of me, don’t you?

Although I have a previous owner

You are tempted; I could be yours

I warn you, I’ve been well worn

There are a few rips and tears scarring my history

I am faded; my image only just visible

But, you’re secretly impressed

You’ve been after one like me for years

Hunt me down

Make your offer

Try me

No need to wear me in

Soft, smooth,...

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Tongue and Cheek

entry picture

It has taken ahold of me once more.

Basking and marinating;

my life is in limbo.

At a halt,

with a glance,

Hope arises,

and then just as quickly sets as the sun.

Moments are cherished 

but then despised with a gun.

Feeling the chambers loaded with each shell,

the thought it so real, 

so quick,

so painless.

So easy.

But where does that leave us?

Going fo...

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beautifulfreefreedomgunlet golosslovereal lifespiritspiritualitysuicide


entry picture


A word on a line
joined with many and more,
a story to tell 
from behind a closed door.

A line on a page
and a paragraph to make,
from a thoughtful sage 
to the ones who forsake.

A page in a book 
telling tales short and tall,
just have a quick look,
hear the whispering call.

A book on a shelf,
many dusty old tomes,
a wealth of words 
from across quiet rooms...

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The Last Day of Summer

entry picture











You left us on
the last day of Summer.
Today is the
first day of Fall.
My tears are
falling for you.
Good bye my baby,

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Also by Shirley Smothers:

Tesla | Rhymed Couplet and Rhymed Haiku |


The inner landscape

entry picture


I am standing tall on the mountain pass

Looking over this inner landscape of mine.

And the vertiginous drop of the waterfall of my emotions

Surrenders down from the smooth mirror-like lake of my soul.


Up there in the heights between the two peaks,

I can just make out the depth of the pool

Where I once plunged and almost drowned.

As I submerged myself in it

I wishe...

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Writing Because of You

I write things about you

I love to write things about you

I always want to write about you

Ever since I saw your smile

Feelings of hapiness begins to pile

Ever since I heard you laugh

My heart became familiar of this unknown "stuff"

I knew right then and there

This feeling will even get deeper


And then one unexpected day,

Our gaze met... Oh Hey!

My heart beats...

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falling in loveinspirationlove poetryunrequited love

Rain Men

White nights,

white nights...

I'm colourblind.

Kind of like to think I know

why we stand solid,

struck dumb by perennial sadness;

and the salient points,

burst like bubbles in smoked air;

clasped to the breast

that sinks as seconds lengthen

even beyond reason for purge.


Beyond the clouds that fall,

in spirals, now thick moistened rope;

we are given base,


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Also by David Blake:

First, divide... | Scene In Frame | Prisoner 1.0 |


The Dilemma

This world is a place full of crowd
Riches, glory, love and proud
But can't really find a single place 
Where I can get true solace

Hating the quest of being wanted
Don't like the extra attention granted
But this strange dilemma has me haunted
I do crave for this favor distorted

Keeping myself in the midst
Of cheering people, chirruping swift  
I feel this sense of emptiness
A stran...

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Also by Mayank:

The Declaration | A letter to my valentine |

Colourful dream

Colourful dream

I really wanna dream,

but i don’t wanna sleep.

No, I don’t wanna feel,

Yes, I want you to leave.


I was so far away,

hidden in my dream.

Whole world is covered grey

and I can’t stay in here.


I want my colours back,

fly between blue clouds.

‘Cause grass shouldn‘t be black,

I know without all doubts.


It’s not because of me,


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Little thoughts....

Forget the nation, forget the love

A poet without a poem is a creation undreamed of

Forget this feeling of Jekyll and Hyde

Sit back, Smile

As worlds collide.

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Also by Dr Nemo:

Dr Nemo tries to make a friend. |

2 Years

entry picture

There are too many days

Without words being said

I forgive myself and then think

Of how I cannot see your face

That's moving out everyday

Alone in the dark.


Is this how it happens?

Like the garden mutating before us

In the falling evening,


It’s tall trees slipping out of certainty

Leaving only their shadows

Surging in the dark

Signifying nothing.

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Also by Tom Harding:

It Get So Lonely Here | August | 71 Bodies in A Lorry |

When the Holiday is Over.(2015)

Fly away,

Drive away,

Leave your troubles behind


Lie down,

Rest a while,

Enjoy the warm sunshine.


Feel your heart re charging

While your mind is at rest.


A week from now

You’ll be bored or stressed


Either way;

Back behind your desk.

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entry picture


We’re doing crosswords in the pub

Because that’s what lovers do

When they fall out of love

Crosswords in the pub


We don’t speak much anymore

Except to discuss clues

Because that’s what lovers do

When disenchantment ensues


We’re doing crosswords in the pub

But at least we’re still together

Keeping each other company


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David SubacchiLiverpool PoetspoetryWelsh Poets


Stuck at the point where paths did cross
Cannot decide which way to go
Afraid of whatever's ahead
Look forward to the chance instead
What's there to lose if you take chance
It would not hurt if you did glance
It's true that anything can go
Would it not hurt if you'd just go
Look back if it would do you good
But know you can't go back for good
You've gone so far from where you're from

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Also by Clive:



We the fat and the greedy

Hereby give all that we have

To you the hungry and the needy

We the conniving and the seedy

Hereby give half of what we have

To you the old, the tired and weedy

To you the orphan, the widow

The stateless

And the unemployed

We give

We pledge to ensure

That you we will not go without

That there will never be room for ambiguity

Or doubt


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Also by Martin Elder:

Your turn |


entry picture
Sitting a stool;
with my guitar.
It came to me as before
Strumming the tune; and
the music flew.
in beautiful silence.
My deep, dark defiance
So many times I have tried
to clear my mind; but
clearing the throat
of faded memories
still vivid only to me
The pitch is horse
As the feelings are on course
The patter continues; and
I can't help myse...

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lovelove poetrypoetryuink

On the Nature of Inspiration II

Prostrate, brooding on sunny and foreboding afternoon
A dog barks in the middle distance instigating a volley of indignant retort above the estate
Road-noise and the blood coursing through the channels
Blue sky touching horizon beneath casual cumulus reminds you of the sea
Emptiness and adventure

Cirrus slowly passes opposite antennae of opposite roof suggesting uniformity
Trees sway

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Also by John Lowndes:

On the Nature of Inspiration III | Second Song | Joyce's Umbrella |

automatic writingglitchobjectsplicestream of consciousnessstream of unconsciousnesssubjecttapetranscendence

REM's Premonition

The letter ‘E’ fell off the sign at the Globe Inn
striking the landlord and making him sick.
He will recover, but the pub is soon shutting.
It’s the end of the world as we know it!

From http://www.shortfunnypoems.co.uk/poems.html



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Short Funny PoemsThe End of The World As We Know It

The Shameless Liars

Slithering out from the ruins of once happy homes

A promised land is sold to the highest bidder.


With false stories of a much better life ahead

Vulnerable refuges give every penny to these greedy parasites.


Praying for a safe journey from a barren existence

Packed into a cramped crowded transporter, a gamble taken.


Caged exhausted hungry thirsty, lack of air to bre...

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Sometimes this false hope is all they are offered.



Coming out, to entertain
To sing and shout
Express their pain
Then wash away
The darkness of today.
A movement swelling,
Compelling us to change
A movement which is seldom heard
Of music, song, and spoken word
A pilgrimage of arts
By martyrs to the cause
Who oppose the wars
With songs, not rifles
With once stifled words,
Now roaring, soaring
No longer s...

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Also by Pete Slater:


Girl with a diamond heart

entry picture

Oh girl with a diamond heart; Ur eyes and ur hair is all they talk about; The way u walk And the way u touch when u talk; Ur lips they are so red Are they proof of all ur ex'es; In a world where u r a queen U saw me as ur next victim; So I got ready got a little steady; Got the rulebook for us dating ; And I learned to French kiss; Learned to make it Hoping to taste u; But more t...

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Nodding Bitch

I’m a nodding

Bitch on heat

I’ll fetch your


Place them

On your feet


I’ll hit ‘like’


Of whether

It is wrong

Or right


I’ll run


Your legs

Sniffing your



Whilst panting


To any request

With potential


I’ll be just

What you need

To hold

Back the tears

For tonight



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How can something so sweet, be so bitter?

Your love was something special, it has never withered.

The night sky comes creeping in as a shadow

As soon as the light is gone, my smile fades

The true side of my heart turns old and gray

For I do not wish to keep living this way

The bottle has been too friendly to me, these last couple days


Morning breaks, another night accompl...

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Save some love for yourself


All I ever wanted was to be all that someone needed

I thought once I achieved that, my loneliness was defeated 
And here you came, I'll give you all my love, you repeated
And happy was I to be the one who received it
Your love was slow and kind
You took the time to discover all the little specs in my mind
As the seasons came and gone, we painted the sky with our bliss

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Also by lolaudrey:

Again and again | Smokey Mirrors and Lust |

first loveHappinesslove

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