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Numb Too

Certain situations you become numb too

Just certain things ain’t what it use too

My language is disguise it what it said too

Even though my heart is against you

Left for dead made for two

Living life not youth too

Forgiving past that aren’t truthful

Giving life to people who use you

Is this what it’s about?

I can’t give a concern

Yearning for idealism in realism


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Leave Me Alone

Just leave me alone I can’t tell your intentions

Resentment full of contentment and affliction

Tell me why you deserve my attention

I hand it out without asking my heart permission

Leading it to future stitching

Less it be without you leave me with

Every time you tell me this

“I want you”

Three words

That turn

The world inside out, upside down, right side up, and back...

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I'm Sry

If my thoughts were even clearer they wouldn’t exist

I express it’s not working and you sit there amiss

Did you miss what I said, as you reach in for kiss

Thirty three times I tell you I quit

Iridescent tears seam at the lids of Golden eyes gleam

“Leave it be, just leave me”

This is what I should have said

Instead of leading you to me

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But A Moment

I’m filled with descriptions that should be kept in eclipses

I’m missing my mission, falling in submission

Her dimensions from other dimensions

Collision of tensions causing me cringing

But feel like I’m winging

Shot from the sky a witches kind eyes

Blinded me down to crashing of lies

Waking from graveyards I thought I’d died

Realizing it was silly my words to have flied


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Butterfly Mind

Butterfly mind floating from flower to flower

Fly from me to go cower and cower

Your butterfly effect causing power and power

Building up in me each hour to hour

I want release like water in shower

Scream emotion louder and louder

Exclaim I love from tower to tower

But your mind is gone from flower to flower


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